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I’m on a podcast!

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for the Inspirational Wednesday podcast, and now my interview is up! You can download it from the website I linked to, or through Itunes. Thanks so much to Toya – she was so easy to talk to that I didn’t have a chance to be nervous! So if you’ve always wondered how I sound… wonder no more! It’s funny, because I’m used to hearing my singing voice recorded, but it’s been forever since I heard my speaking voice… and now I understand why I am constantly being asked if I am from Minnesota or Canada or something. That’s what happens when you work so hard to get the southern out I suppose!

Kim Hargreaves’ new book, which I mention in the podcast, has been released on her website.  I have, of course, ordered it.  I love Faith, Emily, Gem, Amory, Dusk, and Elizabeth, and I may even like some of the others one I see them larger!  So yeah, it’s expensive, but I figure I can economize on some of the yarns, right?  It’s a lovely collection, although I do find the black items hard to make out.

I’m still sick, and I’m still knitting, but nothing is finished yet – I hope soon for Clapotis, or at least a finished sock! I have finished the first sleeve of Thermal, meaning I’m halfway there! So I’ve got nothing… but I will show you this print that I bought off of Etsy. I give you… Catzilla!

Purchased from Cranky Cats on Etsy, if you love cats as much as I do I recommend her shop… some of her prints are just adorable!