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Autumn is here!

Yes… I know that fall is here to stay, because I have been struck down with my annual “change of the weather” illness. More than likely I caught it from a student. I’m frantically trying to find someone to cover for me at church tomorrow, because I sound like a man, and there will be no singing in these parts for at least a week. I’m already not going in tonight. All Saints day is this week too, so I have to try hard to get better for that mass!

I am a terrible sick person to be around, although to be fair I think most people would be this bad if they were unable to function at all in either of their jobs whenever they have a head cold… and I do fear the possibility of vocal damage very much, so I will not sing over swollen vocal cords… I have seen too many good singers lose their voices forever after ignoring sickness.

I have made knitting progress, although at times it doesn’t feel like it.

The back of thermal is complete, and I have begun the first sleeve. It isn’t fast knitting, although it could be faster if I were only knitting on Thermal, but it isn’t too terribly slow either. I still love the stitch pattern, and quite frankly I just find this sweater fun to knit! I blocked that piece, and it is coming out the size that I wanted. It should have negative ease in the bust, and be a bit more fitted than some of the Thermals I have seen. I have completed 9 out of 12 straight section repeats on my clapotis, so it’s really almost there. Last night I wore my other Clapotis out, and it looks so sad and worn! It’s pilling very badly, and one of my joins tried to come loose as well (although I fixed that!) I’ve really worn the heck out of that thing, and I need a new one! Last night I turned the heel on my socks. I haven’t really worked on them much, since I’m focusing on the other projects (and Marc’s scarf is on hold until I finish Clapotis, since they use the same needles.) The Lozenge pattern is easy, but I do find it difficult to read on the needles, especially now that the beginning of the round has changed.

Since I mentioned Marc’s scarf, and since I have mentioned my jealousy of the lovely, soft malabrigo, I thought I would show you the yarn I’m planning to use for my own One row scarf.

It’s Malabrigo in Sunset, which is just the most beautiful, cheery color. I hope that it will make the darkest days of winter seem a little brighter!

I have had to hold myself back from another major round of swatching… I do love swatching, but my priority has to be completing the projects I have already begun! But as soon as one is finished (probably Clapotis) I will reward myself with swatching and watching of cheezy sci-fi tv.

Have you heard about the Handmade Pledge? I love the idea of buying handmade for Christmas, and I am going to attempt to buy handmade for most everyone on my list.  Well, except for Marc, who always gets new clothes from me for Christmas, since he won’t buy them himself.

I will state for the record that I am not going to be knitting any Christmas gifts this year.  Last year I knit a total of 2 washcloths, and even that was stressful when combined with my job (I do, after all, work Christmas eve and Christmas day.)  But I will be happy to buy someone else’s handmade stuff for presents!  It’s like the best of both worlds…