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New sweater? Maybe…

Last night I made several attempts to cast on for Thermal. My first try was twisted, and then I messed up the stitch pattern, and then I actually pulled the cable out of my needle. But I still love Thermal! And Gloss is so wonderful to work with.  So here’s what I’m doing…

Yes indeed… I am knitting Thermal flat, to be seamed up at the end. Yes, I know you all think I’m crazy, but having over 200 stitches on the needle at a time just does not work well for me! Besides, knitting flat gives more variation to the pattern, and hopefully my hands won’t get as upset. I think the reason I like knitting in pieces is that it gives me nice goals. I can’t stand how long it takes to complete a body in the round, at least not at this gauge.

The other sweater I’m having issues with is the Tangled Yoke cardigan, for the same basic reasons. But since that sweater involves shaping, I will probably knit it in one piece. At least it isn’t in the round. And… it won’t be in felted tweed. Why? Because I am allergic to felted tweed. Yup. I was going to start Salina, but I immediately started getting the sniffles after casting on. I soldiered on, but it turns out it wasn’t my imagination. Apparently even 25% alpaca is too much for me.

*sniff* goodbye, felted tweed! At some point soon, I will have to sell mine. I have sweater amounts of rage, watery and sigh, and a few balls of herb as well. I’m going to make Salina out of Silky Wool instead, and the Tangled Yoke cardi in Reynolds Whiskey. Does anyone have any other nice felted tweed subs?
I completed a few more repeats of the lozenge socks. I highly recommend this pattern so far – it’s easily memorized, and the effect is really nice.

I’m going to go to 6 repeats, I think, and then start the heel. These are going pretty quickly!

In even more exciting news, I went to Kim Hargreaves’ website today, to look at the kits, and on the front page it says she will have a book coming out soon. I’m so excited – I have really been turned off by the kit thing, but her designs are so pretty!

22 thoughts on “New sweater? Maybe…

  1. aw, too bad about the felted tweed–it’s such a pretty colour! and that is very good news about the kim hargreaves book.

  2. That’s too bad about the alpaca. It’s gorgeous stuff, although I really do prefer the Silky Wool.
    Glad to hear that Kim Hargreaves has a book coming out. I love her stuff, but I’m more likely to buy the book than a kit.
    I’m glad you like the pumpkin. I was at WEBS yesterday and found a very similar yarn (I used Gloss for my FBS and the brown was even the same color.) at $8 a skein. I really love that Gloss.

  3. How exciting about the Kim Hargreaves book! I didn’t know this. I also have been turned off by the kit thing, and don’t like Rowan’s designs nearly as much now that she’s no longer there.

  4. Finally, someone who agrees with me on the round vs. flat thing! Nothing like finishing a piece to keep you motivated, and fingers moving quickly. Round after round of >200 stitches is not my idea of fun either.

    I’m sorry you are allergic to alpaca, and I’m even more sorry that you had to find out about the 25% after you bought all that lucious yarn and were excited about the project! Hope you find something else you love soon.

  5. Alpaca seems to bother me a little, too, both my nose and my fingers, but not so badly that I can’t push through. Good thing, because I can’t seem to resist it lately. That’s a gorgeous color of Felted Tweed.

    Those green socks look amazing!

  6. Thermal will be lovely! The color is great for fall.

    What a bummer about the felted tweed. I’m on the lookout for “watery,” so feel free to email me when you want to destash!


  7. Too bad about the Felted Tweed. I picked up some yesterday for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan, it’s pretty soft. I

    ‘ve only made seamleass sweaters, never in pieces. So I’ve never seamed before. Do you slip the first stitch? Does that make it easier to seam? Or does it not matter that much?

    I *love* the color of the new socks!

  8. Shame about the felted tweed, it comes in such lovely colours. I like all those colours you have and I would be interested to know how much you you’re selling them for – although postage to the UK could make it silly.

    I’ve wondered if Jo sharp silkroad dk tweed would work for tangled yoke, and garnstudio do a silk-wool tweed.

    Loving the thermal!

  9. Aw, bummer. I love this sentence: “I have sweater amounts of rage, watery and sigh”. I would have sweater amounts of rage too if I were allergic to a fiber I liked!

  10. sorry to hear you’re allergic to the felted tweed, but i definitely know someone who might be interested in getting it off your hands! 🙂

    i think the silky wool is a good sub.

  11. I just finished a sweater in the round for my son, and it confirmed how much I dislike knitting in the round. Besides, I think seaming (tedious as it is) gives necessary stability and shape to the finished sweater.

  12. Great colorway you are knitting these socks in!

    I have been seeing so many knitters out there using this felted tweed. Some like it and some say it’s kind of too scratchy next to the skin. Now you’re making my itch.LOL

  13. Oooh, thanks for the heads up on the Kim Hargreaves book.

    I’m sorry to hear that your allergy is keeping you away from Felted Tweed. I’m planning on using some of the Lana Cash I got from Elann for the Tangled Yoke, so maybe that might work for you?

  14. I’ve got a project on the needles with 196 stitches and I can agree I wish it was pieced because it’s just taking forever.
    Love the socks!!! Great pattern.

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