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Sweater? What sweater?

In this entry I will attempt to distract you from my lack of a finished Georgina with pictures of a sock.

Yes… I am turning the heel on the second step sock, and soon it will be finished!  This is fortunate, because it’s possible (though I’m not saying for sure) that I’ve been sucked into the black hole that is buying sock yarn on Etsy.

Thanks for all the help with my Knitpicks order – I have ordered the Pumpkin color to make Thermal, and I can’t wait for it to arrive!  I also ordered Palette to try Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts.  I’ve decided that it is time for me to break down and figure out fair isle knitting.   Mine will be dark gray and aqua… sort of similar to the middle sock yarn above, but with darker gray.

I ordered from WEBs too… it’s just crazy yarn buying week around here!  I ordered the new Valley Yarns Williamstown to make the Garnstudio swing cardi that is so trendy at the moment!  Someone pointed out to me awhile ago that there is a version of this sweater written for worsted weight yarn, so I’m going to do that one (I have gone way, way off of bulky yarn this week…)  I’m also trying Sheffield, their new Angora blend, to make Sweaterbabe’s Lush cardigan.  I was going with the idea that I’m not allergic to angora, since I’ve owned many angora sweaters in my day… I only hope that assumption holds up – I am very paranoid after the alpaca debacle.  I got yarn as well for the icelandic turtleneck from Crochetme (4-ply soft in navy) and for a phildar sweater I’m planning (baby cashmerino in light gray.)

All this talk of sweaters brings me to Georgina, which currently sits in time out.  I sewed the sweater together, and the fit is ok.  The sleeves are ginormous, but I wasn’t expecting them to be fitted.  The body fits (as I said) ok.  I cannot figure out how to attach the collar and not have it look awful.  Plus… I’m really not happy with how the yarn looks.  Even after blocking it remains very uneven.  I sewed on a few buttons, but I was unhappy with how it looked on me.  So… I’m giving it a little time.  I may, after a bit of time, decide to go on and finish it, or I may place it in the drawer of unhappy knits, which is where most of the “What was I thinking with a fitted bulky sweater” knits go.

And in the meantime… I will finish my sock, and then I think it’s time to start something with some of the felted tweed I have stashed.  I actually cast on for the tangled yoke cardi, but made a mistake an inch in and frogged… I’m not sure I like knitting cardigans in one piece like that.  Those rows go on forever!  But perhaps I will try again.  I love the finished tangled yokes I’m seeing.  Otherwise I can start Salina, which has been queued forever!