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Weekend progress

Sometimes I think my body clock must be set to a different timezone.  Never in my life have I been able to get any sleep before 2 am, no matter what I do.  I’m lucky to have a profession that goes pretty well with my night owl tendencies… except for Sundays.  Sundays are hard for me, and I always feel a bit like a zombie.  I do get a lot of knitting accomplished when I’m busy not sleeping, and this weekend most of that progress was on Marc’s scarf.

This pattern is exactly what I meant when I said I wanted something mindless but not boring.  I can zone out and let my fingers work on their own, and it still seems to go pretty quickly.  I’ve got 2.5 feet of the scarf now!  I’m going to be totally jealous of his Malabrigo scarf too… it’s so wonderful and soft to work with, I think that I may need one for myself!

Georgina is about 50% complete.  I sewed together the left half of the sweater already, because I wasn’t sure about the sizing, but I think it’s going to fit ok.  I used some leftover sock yarn to seam, and still the shoulders seem bulky to me, but to be fair I haven’t blocked that front piece yet.  Unfortunately, the other pieces are blocked, and are not going to play nice in terms of evening out my rows.  Cascade 128 isn’t really impressing me too much so far.  It was a good value, yes, but it’s very unforgiving, and I would place money on it pilling like mad (although probably not as badly as the called for cashmerino chunky.)  We will see… I am working on the 2nd sleeve now.  I can’t wait for the collar, which is what really excited me about this sweater!

Finally, I have cast on for my 2nd Austermann Step sock.  I knitted the first sock on Knitpicks new Harmony wooden DPNs, and I quite like them.  Amazingly, they didn’t warp or bend a bit, even in size 0.  For the 2nd sock I’m using knitpicks options dpns, also in a size 0.  I’ve never used metal DPNs before, and so far I love the more secure feeling I get from them.  Since I have to knit my socks on small needles, it’s nice to not feel like I’m in constant danger of breaking them.  I will definitely be purchasing more of both these needles in the future.  I need to order from Knitpicks soon… I’ve lost my size 5 and 10.5 options tips, and I want to order enough gloss to make Thermal.  The question is, would I prefer pumpkin or cocoa for the color?

I have a yarn order or two that I am holding off on… I want to see the new Vogue Knitting, and maybe the preview for the Winter IK (soon, I hope!) before I order any more yarn.

10 thoughts on “Weekend progress

  1. Are you using k, yo, k2tog for the scarf? I made one just like it in a light avacodo malabrigo. It’s delicious. I turned it into a moebius for the winter.

  2. Your husband’s scarf is SO gorgeous, I don’t blame you for wanting one, too! What is the stitch pattern, if you don’t mind me asking?

  3. I really like the way Georgina is shaping up. Good luck with second sock! Do you like the knitpicks option needles? I am considering buying them, but am not sure…?

  4. I’m glad not to be the only person with an abnormal internal clock! I can sleep before 2 am but I cannot get up before about 7:30 am except under rare circumstances — travel, usually, and that stresses me out so much that I’d rather pay more for a later trip. And that’s even if I go to bed early. It’s frustrating to not be able to “fix” this.

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