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Book Review: CrochetMe: Designs to Fuel the Crochet Revolution

Amazon shipped me my copy of Crochetme, the new book from the editor of CrochetMe, the online crochet magazine.  It isn’t technically released for two weeks, but they sent it (see why I love preorders?)

I crocheted before I learned to knit, and I might still be exclusively a crocheter but for the lack of decent garment designs in crochet.  The vast majority seem to be stiff or bulky, boxy or weirdly shaped.  This books sets out to challenge the notions of what crochet can be, and I feel it succeeds.  Let there be no mistake, I love this book.  Crochet has come a long way.  Look at the new Interweave crochet if you want an example, although sometimes I feel that their designs are a bit too conservative for me.  The sweaters in this book hit my own fashion sense just about perfectly.

This  sweater, the Icelandic turtleneck, is possibly my favorite, although it’s really hard to photograph. It’s crocheted in 4-ply soft in order to combat the idea that crocheted sweaters are bulky.  The circular construction is really interesting, and I love the armwarmers.  I don’t think they have a thumbhole, which makes them just what I want – I love the idea of armwarmers, but if they have any connection with my fingers I will not be able to play the piano, and thus do my job.  I’m definitely adding this one to the queue!

I’m also planning on the cover sweater.  It can be made as either a shrug or the full wrap sweater shown above.  I’m planning on the wrap.  Crocheted in Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino, it also fights the notion that all crochet has to be made of cheap yarns.  I also love these patterns:

I love that rug, but I’m not sure how much my hands would love me for crocheting a rug using rug wool and big giant hooks.  But still… it’s super cute, and I may yet make one!  I love the pink sweater, but it has crocheted ribbing, and I have not had great luck with that in the past.  I suppose I could sub with a knitted border.  It’s crocheted in blue sky alpaca silk.  The last two patterns are made with cascade 220 and 220 tweed.  I love the scarf, which has a neat construction, and how cute is that felted bag?  I am not a knitted/crocheted bag person at all, but I find that one very tempting.  It’s the circles… I love circles.

Every pattern in the book has clear schematics.  Crochet patterns tend to be very long when written out, so this book doesn’t contain as many patterns as an equivalent knitting book, but I expect that from crochet.  There are little articles on various techniques throughout, and the designer profiles are also more interesting than your average book.  I did notice an article on reading knitting charts, similar to the one which appeared recently in  Interweave Crochet.  I’m all for having patterns take up less room so we can get more patterns, but I do find reading crochet charts to be difficult.  I’ve only just gotten good at reading knitted charts!

There are also patterns for short sleeved tops, some cute stuffed toys, and a few other small things.  There isn’t a pattern in the book that made me go “What were they thinking,” which is unusual.  If you like crochet but are frustrated by the lack of fashionable, modern patterns, I recommend picking up this book.  I’m very pleased with the purchase, and hope there will be a sequel!

7 thoughts on “Book Review: CrochetMe: Designs to Fuel the Crochet Revolution

  1. I was just in Amazon looking at it…I am glad you did a post on it. I was hoping it would take crochet beyond the “granny square and awful net bag tank” stage – and it seems like it does. I am off to buy it!

  2. I queued the Comfi Cardi when I spotted it at Ravelry not actually realising it was crochet! I can do basic crochet but I’ve never actually followed a pattern – so this may actually inspire me to give it a go!

  3. Thank you for the great book review! I am a little bit crochet-challenged, but I do have this book on my Amazon wish list (previously “sight-unseen”). I like it!

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