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Thanks to everyone who bought my stash!  There are still a few items left, which are marked in the post below this one.

Last night I showed my Austermann Step socks to Marc and complained that the yarn was cursed.  “Why don’t you just finish them?” he asked… and so I did.

OK, so it’s only one, but still… now I will have to make the second one.  I still don’t like the yarn – I must have dropped 7 stitches last night, and the yarn has so little elasticity that even after washing you can still tell where they were (even though I fixed them.)  Even so… I know I can power through the last one!  I used the welsh heel and star toe described in “Knitting Vintage socks,” and I don’t love either.  Well… the heel is ok, if a bit thick, but the toe looks like it has mistakes to me.  Maybe it just isn’t great with stripey yarn.

This Friday I have to go on a staff retreat in Indiana (in the woods… ooh, I am so not a nature person), so I will have a nice long car ride to knit through… maybe I will make some real progress on the 2nd sock (or Marc’s scarf!)

I’ve also finished the back of Georgina.

I’m working on one of the sleeves now.  They have a nice detail where you basically knit the cuff in two pieces and then knit together to make a split wrist.  The Cascade 128 is still fine, if not the greatest ever.

Now I have to go to work (Wednesday is my long day!)