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Massive Yarn Sale!

Here we go! All yarn comes from a non-smoking home with two cats (who don’t get to be near my yarn, but may leave the occasional floating hair) I accept payment by Paypal. Prices do not include shipping, I will send you the total based on your zipcode (actual shipping only!)

All yarn is priced at least 30% below the retail price (or at least the price I can find on the net!)

Please make note of how many skeins are included in each lot, since it may differ from the number pictured.

Leave a comment if you are interested in anything and I will get back to you right away! After 24 hours or so I will list whatever is left elsewhere, but I wanted my readers to have first crack.

Here we go!

Still Available: Valley Yarns Amherst, Tilli Thomas Disco Lights, Berroco Ultra Silk

Yarn: Cascade Pima Tencel in Ivory – pending

Amount: 4 skeins,436 yards total

Price: $14

Notes: 3 skeins are untouched, one has been swatched with and rewound.

Yarn: Knitpicks Panache in dusk – pending

Amount: 5 skeins, 340 yards total

Price: $17

Notes: Unused. This yarn is so soft and lovely. Darned alpaca allergy!

Yarn: Valley Yarns Amherst in Periwinkle(100% merino)

Amount: 8 skeins, 880 yards total

Price: $22

Notes: I may have swatched with one ball, but otherwise it is untouched.

Yarn: Berroco Ultra silk #6147

Amount: 7 balls, 686 yards total

Price: $40

Notes: One ball has been swatched and partially rewound. It is missing a swatch amount.

Yarn: Tilli Thomas Disco lights in Jade

Amount: 1 skein

Price: $27

Notes: I have two, but I only need one. Such a pretty shade!

Yarn: Garnstudio Eskimo in natural – pending

Amount: 13 skeins, approx 780 yds

Price: $50

Notes: One has been swatched and rewound.


Yarn: Elann Pegasus in celery – pending

Amount: 14 skeins, approx 1302 yds

Price: $24

Notes: One has been swatched with.

Yarn: Elann sonata #2369 – pending

Amount: 9 skeins, approx 1035 yds

Price: $13

Notes: One has been swatched with.

Yarn: Berroco Bonsai – pending

Amount: 8 skeins 616 yards

Price: $34

Notes: One has been wound into a center pull ball.

Wow that’s a lot of yarn. Boo to my Alpaca allergy, and to our total lack of storage space. Please let me know if you are interested in anything – I hope my unloved yarn can make someone else happy!

34 thoughts on “Massive Yarn Sale!

  1. Whee!

    Sorry to delurk like this, but I really do enjoy reading your blog and looking at your FOs

    Anyway, I would be interested in the Andean Treasure, Rowan 4-Ply, and Cotton Glace.


  2. Darn! I forgot, the Classic Silk too.

    P.S. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve given up on Agnes… it had so much potential.

  3. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but have never left a comment. Congrats on your wedding!

    I’m interested in the Peace Fleece, Ambrosia, and Elann Quechua, but have a few questions.

    Let me know if they are still available. Many thanks!

  4. Hi,
    I would love to buy the Classic Elite Classic Silk, Peace Fleece, Debbie Bliss Cotton DK,Elann Highland Silk, Elann Lara, and the Blue Sky Alpaca Silk if they are available. Thanks! Vickie

  5. Well hello! It looks like you’ve got plenty of interest… but I want in on it too! My stash is in desperate need of fulfillment ; ) it is a little embarrassing how little I have… I’m also getting ready to move and I couldn’t be more excited to be moving to a state with as many yarn shops as there are starbucks… there just isn’t anywhere to buy yarn for me here except on the internet…
    I would very much like to buy from you the Louet Gems Topaz, the Karabella Zodiac, Classic Elite Classic Silk in #6933, Rowan 4-ply cotton #135, Elann Lara in Green Tea and the Rowan Cotton Glace in Ivy!!! Any of those that I could get a hold of would make the happiest girl!!! Thanks

  6. I would love the Peace Fleece but it looks like you have takers for that yarn but if on the off chance they decide not to take it i would love to take it off your hands. Thanks

  7. Hey! What a lovely sale! I have been on the lookout for that Panache since that colour is no longer available! I would love to take it off your hands if no one else has claimed it! πŸ™‚

  8. Hey! What a lovely sale! I have been on the lookout for that Panache since that colour is no longer available! I would love to take it off your hands if no one else has claimed it! πŸ™‚

  9. Well, I see 2 people ahead of me want the Elann Highland Silk. Oh, well.

    I can’t believe you are giving up this much yarn. I’m a hoarder and can’t conceive of any other way to live. =)

    Excited to see what you will buy with all your winnings.

  10. I am interested in the Berroco Bonsai. I discovered your blog several weeks ago and I love it! You knit beautifully (and quickly! as others have pointed out). Its a real pleasure to see what you are working on.

    Cindy Hinton
    Atlanta, GA

  11. Ok, so I’m interested in the Peace Fleece and the Quechua, as well as the 4-ply cotton. Let me know if any of these work out. Have a great day!

  12. Hi there,

    I’m interested in the alpaca silk and the blue DB Cotton DK. I see someone beat me to it, but let me know if that doesn’t work out!


  13. Darn this yarn diet! It’s cracking me up how many have one ball wound, swatched and rewound, sounds like my whole stash, LOL!! Beautiful yarns, good luck!

  14. Would you mail to Canada? If so, I’m interested in the Classic Elite Classic Silk, the Knitpicks Andean Treasure in Lilac, and that Karabella Zodiac.

  15. I’d love to take the Elann Lara in Green Tea and the Elann Pegaus in celery off your hands! Seems like there are a lot of takers, though. Let me know!


  16. I see got here a little late, but if the cotton glace or 4 ply cotton fall through down to me let me know. Thanks!

  17. I am interested in the Classic Silk and the Pima Tencel. I think I am a little late to the party though, so let me know if either is available! Thanks! I need to do the same thing on my blog!

  18. this is what i would be interested in:
    elann sonata
    rowan cotton glace
    rowan 4-ply cotton
    debbie bliss cotton dk

    any of these still available?

  19. So I didn’t read blog feeds first thing this morning. If I had, I would have definitely laid some claims! What’s that they say about the early bird? It gets the yarn, right??

  20. Hi there – I am very interested in the Eskimo if it is still available, because we just can’t get it here!!! (Or any good yarns, really!). Would you consider posting to Australia?

    BTW: I’m one of your lurkers and LOVE it when you update with a FO πŸ™‚ I’ve copied a couple of your ideas, namely the Tree Jacket in Colrain. Worked SO well!


  21. Long time reader 1st time commenter – love your blog for ideas and inspiration!
    What a great sale!! If its not already sold, I am interested in Knit Picks Panache and Knit Picks Ambrosia please. Let me know if it is still available as I cant get knit picks here.

  22. I didn’t read through all the comments above mine yet, but I’d love to buy the louet gems topaz if no one else claims it.

  23. Hi! I would love to take the Disco Lights off your hands… exactly the colour I’ve been looking for, and I’m loathe to buy it new since it is so expensive! I’m in Canada, are you willing to ship here?

  24. Hello, If Sarah hasn’t purchased the Tilli Thomas Disco Lights yarn and it’s still available, I’ll take it off your hands. Thanks in advance, whichever way.

  25. Hi,
    I’m really interested in the Tilly in jade. I live in Montreal, Canada. Do let me know what it would cost to ship it here.
    Thanks so much and happy holidays,

  26. Hello!

    I’ll take the one skein of disco lights.

    Is the price for the Elann sonata per skein, or for the total 9 skeins?

    Thanks Joan

  27. This is truly a long shot. New Years Resolution: finish all the sweaters I’ve started. So now I’m stuck. Ran out of yarn and can seem to find it……until I came upon your old website (assuming it’s old based on the dates of comments) and I see you have what I need. Are you still in possession of the Elann Sonata, #2369? Please let me know. Otherwise, it’ll be another sweater to rip apart and redo. Oye.

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