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In love…

with my new work schedule.  I’m off on Thursday and Friday now, and it’s so wonderful having the first real “weekend” I’ve had in at least five years!  Having two days off in a row means I can do things like stay up til 4 AM finishing the Central Park Hoodie.

I love my buttons!  It’s blocking now, and I will have an FO post when it dries.  I can tell you that I absolutely love it!   I’m so glad that I made the 32″ size, because it would have been too big in a 36… especially because I never, ever button all the buttons on a sweater.

I made a tiny little start on the Tilted Duster.  I decided I wanted something that would have really smooth yarn, which is why I chose this over the Twisted Yoke cardi (that will probably be next!)  I simply love the color of this yarn, and the Peruvia is so, so nice to work with.

Last night I gave my Perfect Pie Shawl to my Mom for her birthday… hopefully she will not be allergic to alpaca, so she will be able to enjoy it!

I need to knit Marc a new scarf, as he seems to have misplaced the one I made him last year.  He has requested something a bit wider, and something softer (the last one was made of Araucania Nature wool.)  I’m thinking Malabrigo, because he really loves soft things.

So… what are your favorite Man Scarf patterns?  I’m looking for something pretty mindless to work (so nothing that involves lace) but not so boring that I lose my mind!  He loves Harry potter, so I was considering a scarf in Gryffindor colors, but I’m not married to the idea… and even if I do that, I’m not sure what kind of scarf to make with that.  I’d love any suggestions, both knit and crochet!