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Thanks to everyone who wrote with advice or commiseration on my mortgage woes!  I will get back to everyone individually soon.  I am attempting to resolve my issues (letters have been sent), although it may take some time… but in the meantime, it’s possible we may find a house that doesn’t need my name on the mortgage anyway.  We will see!

It’s raining here right now, which hopefully means that actual fall weather is around the corner.  I am so tired of summer now!  I am about 5 inches into the hood of the CPH, and it’s going pretty fast even if it is a little tedious.  I’m still working on the plain socks in the Austermann Stepp yarn as well… I love the colors of this yarn so much, but the yarn itself is awfully splity.


The gray yarn in the picture of the CPH is what I’m using for seaming.  My only complaint so far about the Kathmandu yarn is that it breaks easily if you try to use it for seaming.  The dark gray works well enough, and you can’t see it anyway.

Yesterday the cat (Leon, the Maine Coon) knocked over an entire can of Fresca onto my Fall Interweave Knits, so I had to buy a new copy.  Thank goodness he didn’t ruin any back issues!  He hasn’t been doing the “knock over glasses” thing for awhile… he once broke an entire set of glasses over a 3 month span.  I think he thinks watching things fall is fun.

I’m not sure what my next sweater after CPH is going to be.  It’s pretty much between the tilted duster and the tangled yoke cardi… I’m not sure which I would like!  In the meantime I’ve bought a few patterns (yes, I know… but I have not bought any yarn, so that’s pretty good!)

I bought the Debbie Bliss Luxury Collection off ebay, for this sweater, which I showed a long time ago. (I have been waiting forever for this to show up in the US!)  It has not arrived yet, but I just bought it!

I got this sweater, from Sweaterbabe.  I love the pockets and the buttons. I think I could use stash yarn too!

And, in a moment of weakness, I purchased the Gretel beret pattern from Ysolda.

I have only made two hats in my entire knitting career, and one of them was for Marc.  This is because I have an enormous head and a long forehead, so hats that fit closely look terrible on me.  But this hat… since it is slouchy, perhaps it will suit me better?  Mostly I think I just want to be the sort of person who can thrown on a jaunty beret and not worry about what their hair is going to do later.  I’m not sure I have any suitable yarn for this, but it would be a small purchase if I had to find some.

It’s funny because Stash and Burn (the best podcast, you should listen!) have been all about stash busting the single skeins this month.  I was going to join in, but then I realized I don’t have any single skeins.  Seriously – I’ve always been the kind of person who says “if I can’t buy a sweater’s worth I’m not getting it.”  So while I have lots of sweater amounts of yarn, I have no single skeins… does that make me odd?

18 thoughts on “Fall?

  1. ahh, i just finished gretel last night! it is fabulous but be sure to use a drapey yarn if you want it to slouch right. i ended up sewing mine down in the back go get the right beret ‘effect’. it’s a beautiful hat and i really didn’t have any pattern issues…

    love your blog – first time commenter!

  2. Your CPH and sock look great, and I love those 3 patterns. I don’t think you’re weird – it just shows that you like to make big projects (though you speed through them like they’re little). I have some oddball skeins and many sweater’s worth of yarn. I figure I can make hats, skinny scarves, etc. with the oddballs. They came in handy last holiday season for gifts.

  3. Can’t wait to see your CPH in all its tweedy grayness. I love gray. I have to resist the urge to knit everything in gray. 🙂

    And my cat does the same darn thing with glasses. He seems to only like to do it with glasses that have ice in them though. He’s more than a bit odd.

  4. LOL – I love that podcast and I was totally wondering if I was odd for the same reason! The only single skeins I have are skeins I’ve been gifted in secret pal exchanges. I never buy just one, I buy enough for a vest/tanktop/short sleeved sweater/full on sweater/man sweater/scarf etc etc etc – basically whatever I envision the yarn being.

  5. I know, I am SO OVER the heat of summer as well. Enough already!! I believe that if you have hat issue your have indeed chosen the perfect pattern, can’t wait to see that one…

  6. Ooh, I love both of those sweater patterns. Good find!

    My cat does that too, the lovable tyke. Mainly if there’s water (rather than other liquids) in the glass. He first tries to stick his big head in and drink out of it, and if the water is too low he then knocks it over and watches it spill out or the glass break. We use a lot of plastic cups. His reaction to other liquids in a cup is entertaining though. He’ll stiff it and then look up with this disgusted look on his face and walk away.

  7. I bought that beret pattern too. I mean cables + beret = fabulous. But I can’t help but wonder if I’ll be able to pull it off! 🙂

    don’t you ever have left over yarn from your sweaters? Sometimes I have a whole ball. But you’ve been doing it longer you probably have a better idea of exactly how much you need.

  8. re: single skeins vs. sweater amounts, I have the same problem! I’ve been busting my ass trying to get sweaters done this spring and summer so I’ll have single skein leftovers I can use for Christmas presents. If I have yarn earmarked for a sweater, I’m loath to use up one or two skeins of it for something else because I fear running out of yarn and being unable to get more in the same dyelot.

  9. I have dreams of throwing on a beret in a fashionably stylish way and being very chic as I walk into work. I hope yours works out, and you might just motivate me to knit one too 🙂

  10. Oh no! I love that Sweaterbabe sweater. I may have to buy it, too. Drat. It looks like the perfect throw-over-everything sweater.

    Can’t wait to see the finished CPH! Good luck with the mortgage woes; I’m sure it will all work out in the end. Really.

  11. I found Step splitty too — never even finished the first sock I started.

    I LOVE the DB cardigan. I don’t usually love her patterns, but that collar! Will have to seek it out…

  12. I think that’s a great hat! And it doesn’t look likely to give you hat head.

    Timing is all it’s about when you are looking for a house, so hopefully the banks will see the work heading in the right direction for the mortgage!

  13. I seem to have lost my Fall issue as well.. It’s just .. gone! 😦 Unfortunately I can’t just run down and pick up another copy, so I’ll have to order it online. *sigh* And just when I FINALLY get yarn for the Tangled Yoke cardi. 😛

    I love your CPH, I’ve been looking into getting the pattern for myself – but it seems I’ll have to buy the magazine. 😦

  14. One of my favorite things about living in San Diego is that I never need a hat. I don’t know how people manage to look good in them. I always look like that horse on Ren and Stimpy with the rolled up Trojan on his head. What? Surely I’m not the only one…

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