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Where I stand…

Here’s where I currently stand on the Central Park Hoodie.

I have finished the back, both sleeves, and one front.  I am about half-way through the other front, and then it will be time for assembling and knitting the hood, which I understand to be larger than I would imagine.  I have really loved knitting this pattern so far.  The Kathmandu Aran yarn is gorgeous, and it hasn’t been hard on my hands at all!  I can imagine myself using it many times in the future, especially with all the great colors it comes in!

I am knitting the size small (32″) and it is coming out, with light blocking, to 34″ at the bust.  I think that should be just about perfect!  The 36 would have been too large I think… sometimes I tend to overestimate what size I am, but I’m pleased I managed to talk myself down this time.  I am going to be making buttonholes, so perhaps today I can go looking for buttons.

I start back at work today, finally!  We were supposed to be closed for 3 weeks, but it has stretched to five since the studio has moved in the interim.  That means somewhat less knitting time, but I think that might be good.

We are still looking at houses.  I feel like I am being very picky, but I know we will find the perfect house for us, even if it takes six months.  I am also working on repairing my credit, which is damaged from a very bad time in my life several years ago.  It is frustrating, because we cannot currently get approved for the amount we can actually afford, and it feels as though I am being punished for things that happened years ago, even though I have since cleaned up my life and been responsible.  Marc’s credit is very good, and I feel bad to be pulling things down, even though I know he doesn’t blame me for it.

But enough of those problems… I know that things will work out for us!  I am working very hard to fix things, and sooner or later I will see results.

15 thoughts on “Where I stand…

  1. I went through the same thing when we bought our house. It can be really frustrating, but hang in there it’ll all work out. The houses you all are looking at are really beautiful.
    Your CPH is looking great! I can’t wait to see it finished. Thanks for posting about the sizing, now I know I’ll need to make the 36″. 😉

  2. what is the name of the color of that yarn? i can’t find it in your previous posts. it looked grey but now it looks purple. is it Taffeta or Highland or something else?

    i gotta find where that hoodie pattern is…i would never think i could knit something like that with all those cable patterns, but maybe i can! 🙂

  3. You are so fast!!! Your CPH looks great! I just got the pattern, so I will hopefully make it over the winter. It’ll probably take me the whole winter to do it! LOL

  4. wow! I’m always surprised by how fast you knit. I think finding the perfect place is important. I know a lot of people in teh same place you are, messed up their credit history and worked hard to fix it or are working on it. I think it’s common for people our age (I think we’re about the same age)

  5. Your CPH is a beaut!

    I hated dealing with banks over mortgages–no matter what your situation, they always tend to make you feel low and humiliated! Just remember that they need you as much as you need them, I know it’s a drag, I’ve been through it several times. Ugh.

  6. Ahh, don’t get down on yourself. I am sure that there were or will be times where you will have to pick Mark up as well from things he has done, such is life and marriage.

    In the meantime, put all that frustration aside so you don’t knit it into your knitting. You don’t want bad FO mojo :O)

  7. your cph looks great..that color is stunning.

    I thought the hood would never end…but it’s such a wonderful sweater…and I can’t wait for the weather to turn cold to wear it!

  8. Your CPH looks great! I’ve picked mine up again after setting it down last fall (no attention span). Unfortunately, I am nowhere near as fast as you, so it’ll be awhile before I complete mine.

  9. Hang in there. I looked for 8 months in Louisville before my house found me. You’ll know and things will come together just right.

  10. The comments above mine express my thoughts as well. Hang in there. I also have bad credit for being irresponsible quite a few years ago and have been putting off even trying to purchase a house because of how bad I imagine my credit being. And now with the who mortgage fiasco happening…well, let’s just hope that someone out there in the mortgage lending companies can look at who you guys are now, see the improvements and qualify you for what you need.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past few months – thanks for taking the time to talk about your knitting and putting pictures up. I think I might actually attemp the Danica scarf…someday.

    Take care!

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