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Where I stand…

Here’s where I currently stand on the Central Park Hoodie.

I have finished the back, both sleeves, and one front.  I am about half-way through the other front, and then it will be time for assembling and knitting the hood, which I understand to be larger than I would imagine.  I have really loved knitting this pattern so far.  The Kathmandu Aran yarn is gorgeous, and it hasn’t been hard on my hands at all!  I can imagine myself using it many times in the future, especially with all the great colors it comes in!

I am knitting the size small (32″) and it is coming out, with light blocking, to 34″ at the bust.  I think that should be just about perfect!  The 36 would have been too large I think… sometimes I tend to overestimate what size I am, but I’m pleased I managed to talk myself down this time.  I am going to be making buttonholes, so perhaps today I can go looking for buttons.

I start back at work today, finally!  We were supposed to be closed for 3 weeks, but it has stretched to five since the studio has moved in the interim.  That means somewhat less knitting time, but I think that might be good.

We are still looking at houses.  I feel like I am being very picky, but I know we will find the perfect house for us, even if it takes six months.  I am also working on repairing my credit, which is damaged from a very bad time in my life several years ago.  It is frustrating, because we cannot currently get approved for the amount we can actually afford, and it feels as though I am being punished for things that happened years ago, even though I have since cleaned up my life and been responsible.  Marc’s credit is very good, and I feel bad to be pulling things down, even though I know he doesn’t blame me for it.

But enough of those problems… I know that things will work out for us!  I am working very hard to fix things, and sooner or later I will see results.