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FO: Danica

Pattern: Danica Scarf, from Knitty

Yarn: Patons SWS in Natural Pink, around 3 skeins

Needles: US 8

Notes: I have a love/hate relationship with scarves.  By the time I finish one, I’m so sick of it that I swear I’ll never make another… until ten minutes later when I see one that strikes my fancy!  You see, I love to wear scarves.  I wear one almost every day from September to April, and I even wear them indoors all the time (I am terminally cold!)  This scarf seemed to take forever (I started in July,) but to be fair I did have a wedding in the middle.  I love the results – it’s so pretty and unusual, and I love the colors.  I think I could have gone down a needle size or two, but I’m glad it didn’t take any longer.  I chose to block mine, which does admittedly reduce the “woven” look of entrelac, but it also allowed the SWS to soften enough to be nice on the neck, as well as giving the scarf a good extra 9 inches in length.  I recommend this scarf – it was a good first entrelac project because the squares are relatively large – 10 stitches as opposed to the 5 in some patterns.  I did not have to learn to knit backwards, which is good, since I really didn’t want to.

And now, of course,  I have already discovered my next scarfy project.

It’s Gigi, from Annie Modesitt’s “Romantic Hand Knits” made of Tilli Thomas Disco Lights in Jade.  If this scarf takes as long as my past few have, I will not feel guilty about that yarn (and besides, I did get it at a discounted price a while ago… it has been waiting!)

The picture in the book isn’t great, but I have seen several others online, posted by test knitters for the pattern.  It doesn’t look too hard, but maybe it will keep my interest?  We shall see!

15 thoughts on “FO: Danica

  1. The Danica scarf came out great! I’m in awe that you have so much patience when knitting. I refuse to try entrelac because of the time involved. Lazy … I know.

  2. I love your new scarf! I have the same yarn in my stash and I will make a entrelac scarf for myself in the short future. Bravo job!

  3. Hey, you finished it! That probably accounts for the smile, huh? It looks fabulous, too. I don’t wear scarves myself (there is no such thing as “scarf weather” in San Diego) but I do love them and wish I had a reason to knit them. I’ll be looking forward to that Tilli Thomas–I usually just sit by the basket in the lys and pet it; I’ve never actually bought any.

  4. Hi Stitchywitch,
    I like the pink colors in the Danica knit scarf! The woven effect of the entrelac looks really nice. Glad to meet another knitter who “loves to wear scarves indoors and everyday from September to April!” 🙂

    I’m thinking of knitting a similar scarf using “Modular knits” in garter stitch to avoid blocking.

    Happy knitting,

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