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FO: Juliet

Pattern: Juliet, by Zephyrstyle

Yarn: Brown Sheep cotton fleece in Terracotta Canyon doubled, around 3.5 skeins

Size: XS

Needles: US 10.5

Notes: I may be the only person on the planet who celebrated the return of the empire waistline this year.  Don’t get me wrong – there is lots of fashion badness out there.  No one can convince me that skinny jeans needed to come back – I’ve already done my time stuffing my legs into jeans so tight that they need zippers at the ankles.   This sweater isn’t really an empire waist, being more of a short swingy jacket, but it’s close enough for me.  I love this style, and I love this sweater!  It knit up in around three days, and I didn’t have to make any mods.  I even used the size needles called for in the pattern, and that sort of thing never happens to me.  I think my favorite part is the buttons – the asymmetrical look works here, and crocheting the loops was fun.

I tried out a new method of attaching buttons here.  Putting buttons onto knitted fabric so they don’t gape can be difficult.  I’ve used ribbon as reinforcement, but I didn’t enjoy the process.  I read somewhere the idea of using a backing button – that is, using a cheap button on the back to hold the button in place – and it worked out so well!  Plus it looks much neater than my old method, so yay for that!

Knitpicks has new wooden tips for their interchangeables.  I ordered one size, as well as a few of their new dpns, to try out.  I don’t really love the colors, although they aren’t quite as bright as the photos, but they do seem nice.  I started a sock on the size 0 dpns, and so far they are nice – sharp and not too grabby.

The dpns are not as colorful as the options tips either.

I also got a start in on the Central Park Hoodie.

I started out using the size needles I got gauge with, but it was coming out seriously wide.  So I went down a size, and now it’s working out.  I have read the comments about the sleeves being small, but I have really skinny arms… plus I’m unlikely to layer anything with sleeves under my hoodie.   The yarn is still nice to work with for a tweed – and this picture is actually accurate on the color!

28 thoughts on “FO: Juliet

  1. The sweater looks great! And I think that using a backing button would be the best way…especially with the nature of knitted fabric.

    I”m waiting for the of the Harmony needles to get to me…I’m too excited!

  2. Your Juliet is so pretty. I am waiting for the yarn to arrive for mine.
    Thanks for the blocking info. I finished Fad and took pictures but have yet to block it. I think she will get a nice soak tonight.

  3. This is the first time I’ve really seen the details on Juliet and it is a pretty sweater, and it looks great on you!

    I love that tweed yarn. The central park hoodie will look amazing in it.

  4. I’m a lurker coming out to ask you a very important question–how do you get so much knitting done? just the amount you’ve done on your sock (on size 0 needles) would take me hours. seriously, how many hours do you spend knitting per day? i really enjoy looking at all your FOs but would love to get some insight, too. thanks!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been thinking of buying the Juliet pattern, and seeing the finished versions is pushing me over that edge. Darn you, ever expanding queue! You did a great job, and I love the autumnal color.

  6. Love your Juliet. Very Pretty. What yarn are you using for your new socks. I would love to knit a pair in that color to match my new scrubs.:)


  7. i love your juliet, especially the terracotta color.
    the asymmetrical button loops are such a cute detail!
    i’m going to have to try using a backing button in future cardigans. i don’t know why i hadn’t thought of that before.

  8. You are killing the Zephyr patterns!! :o) So still in my que! LOL

    I didn’t even know about the back button tip! Thx!!

    And yeah I have been seeing real live pics of the Harmony needles and so far I am not happy with the colors either…too much of ONE color….and mine are on there way to me..sigh

    OOh Central Park Hoodie is OTN! :o)

  9. Very pretty! Juliet fits you perfectly.

    I think I just picked up some sock yarn in the same color. It’s great for winter, and it shows up cables extremely well.

  10. Girl, you are a knitting MACHINE. How do you finish so many projects?? I love this one, too – Juliet is on my to-knit list, although I’m trying to resist starting her right now. Yours just makes it all the more tempting…

  11. Lucky you being so slim that anything will look fantastic on you. The cropped sweater looks so cute, and I love the button idea too. Your CPH looks so nice in the tweed. I knit mine in a blue with no tweed in it, but I wish I had made it in a tweedy yarn now.

  12. Been lurking for some time, thought I’d come out of hiding to comment on your beautiful Juliet. It’s in my queue and lovely in the color you selected. I have so admired that color in Cotton Fleece. . . so beautiful. I have the same colorway in the Austermann Step. Great minds think alike.

  13. hello…i love your blog with the beautiful pics of your FOs…i just started Juliet last night, and i was wondering how you did your buttons…also what are backing buttons?


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