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And another

I started my Juliet sweater the other day, and I thought I had better try to get in at least one WIP post about it.  This pattern is quick!  It will be finished in the next day or two, since I’m making the cropped version.  I am having to take it slower than I otherwise would, because bulky knits tend to be hard on hands, so I’m alternating between this sweater and working on finishing up my socks.

I will go to 5 or 6 repeats of the lace pattern, and then I will have a new sweater (again, so fast!)

I expect to be waiting for needles for the Tangled Yoke cardi for awhile (Knitpicks takes weeks for me) so I went ahead and swatched for a few sweaters.

Berroco Peruvia for the tilted duster.  I got gauge on size 9 needles (4.25 st/in) before blocking, but after blocking it had gotten a tad larger.  I will swatch again on size 8s.  This yarn is wonderful to knit with!

Queensland Collection Kathmandu aran  for the Central Park hoodie – I get 4.25 st/in on size 7 needles.  After blocking it gets maybe a tiny bit bigger, but I think I will just knit the smallest size then, and hope to achieve a bust in between the two smallest.

Cascade 220 –  for the Minimalist cardigan.  I decided against the peace fleece, wanting something not so rough.  I got gauge on size 6 needles (5 st/in ) before blocking, but after blocking it had relaxed considerably.  I will need to use size 5 needles.  This yarn is a really beautiful color!

I got the new Interweave Crochet in the mail this week, and while I am happy that it has gone to a quarterly magazine, there isn’t too much I’m dying to make.  I like crochet for accessories more than for sweaters, and there aren’t enough for me.  It’s also possible that I see crochet as being more of a summer craft, and so it doesn’t appeal as much in the winter.  I do like the cover sweater, make out of Louet Kidlin, but I’m pretty unlikely to actually make it.

I also received my copy of Knitting Classic Style from Amazon.  There are plenty of reviews of this book floating around, and  I agree with most of them.  Everything in the book is very wearable and classic.  Admittedly, nothing jumps out at me that I must make immediately, but I can see this being a book that I come back to again.  It’s also very beautifully photographed.  My favorite pattern is probably the shawl, although black is impractical with a long haired cat.  I also love the fair isle hoodie, and I love the men’s zip up vest pattern.  Here are a few of my favorites:

7 thoughts on “And another

  1. I too loved many pieces from Veronik’s new book. I have already been rooting through the stash for both those wraps, along with the fitted black diagonal tank.

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