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FO: Nantucket jacket

Pattern: Nantucket Jacket, Interweave Knits Winter 06/07 by Norah Gaughan

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino, 5 balls

Size: Small (34)

Needles: Size 6 US and Size G crochet hook for edging

Mods: I added half an inch to the length, but otherwise it is to pattern specs.

Positives: I love the color and the Patons merino was very nice and economical. I’m happy to have conquered my fear of this jacket, which I had been longing to make since the issue came out last year. It should be nice whenever the weather finally decides to cool down!

Negatives: It’s a bit too big. Not so big as to be unwearable, but I do wish it were smaller around the waist/hip area. The bust is ok, though a 32″ size would have been better… but the lower area really just hangs there, thus the lack of a picture from the straight front. I’m planning some button mods to try to fix things. I’m not happy with my buttons right now (my sewing is dodgy) so I’m going to redo them and add another button to the bottom. The crochet is loose enough that I think it will work even without the buttonhole. I have discovered that positive ease is not great on me around the bust, because my shoulders are so narrow. The shoulders always end up a bit wide when I try. The collar was also problematic. Because it folds down you have to really think about how you will seam it, and even so you can see half of my seam.

Having said all that, I am sure that I will wear this sweater once the weather cools down. I am just being picky, as is my nature! I love the stitch pattern, and the color is really pretty. This was a challenge, and I am proud of myself!


21 thoughts on “FO: Nantucket jacket

  1. It looks awesome! And I’m glad to see you were happy using the Patons Merino…I’m contemplating using if for the Tilted Duster. Congrats again on your wedding!

  2. It looks lovely on you and the color is an excellent choice. The length looks perfect on you . . . did you add an extra repeat or what to lengthen it? I often find that the finished length is never long enough but haven’t found a good solution to adding the extra inches.

  3. It looks great! I love that pattern.

    Thinking about the back neck seam showing: It looks like if you removed or just opened the top button and folded the collar out more that the seam wouldn’t show. It just looks to me like the seed stitch part should be divided in half by the fold of the collar–if that makes sense.

  4. It looks amazing! Congratulations on finishing it, and on the wedding. You’re such a speedy knitter–even with all of the wedding stuff going on. My wedding reduced me to a few stolen minutes of sock knitting.

  5. I’ve been so in love with this Gaughan pattern, but I’m not ready to do it. Have to wait until my knitting skills sharpen up a bit to handle all that cabling and seaming!

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