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And… we’re back!

We’ve made it in from Chicago, where we had a wonderful time!  I’d never been before, but I really enjoyed all the city had to offer.

Thank you again for all the lovely comments on the wedding, they really made me smile!  I will try to get to them soon, but I am so behind in work that it may be a bit!  To answer the most frequent question… the LEGO Bride and Groom topper were made by Marc to resemble both of us.  Other LEGOs? The Church where we were married was replicated in LEGOs and sat on the Guestbook table.  The favors were little boxes of LEGOs, which everyone had just so much fun with!  They came in very handy during the brief power outage!  The biggest hit on the dancefloor?  Mr Roboto by Styx.  I did not know that it was possible for 4 geeky guys to do the robot for 5 minutes straight.  I love my friends!

My favorite candid photo so far!  Marc claims this is my “warning” look.  I don’t see it!  I will post more when the professional photos come in.

While I was in Chicago I did get to two knitting stores.  We visited both Loopy Yarns and Arcadia Knitting.  They were both very nice, but of the two I preferred Arcadia – the lady behind the counter was so nice and gave us a great lunch recommendation!  While I was there I bought some Interlacements Tiny Toes and began (I can’t believe it either) a sock!

Plain stockinette with a little ribbing at the cuff.  I just felt the urge to make a pair of socks, and since this rarely happens I thought I had better go along with that!  The yarn is nice if not exceptional, and I do love the colors (much prettier greens than this photo… I am too impatient for daylight!)

Since I had finished my last large project (the Nantucket Jacket, which awaits a bit of seaming tonight) before the wedding, I started a new sweater.

I present… the Tree Jacket from Zephyrstyle!  I’m not certain how it’s going to look on me,  so we shall see.  Right now I’m trapped in the neverending raglan increases.  I think this is why I rarely make top down sweaters anymore – I just hate those long rows before splitting for the sleeves.  And since this is garter in the round, it involves purling every other row, which is slower.  Fortunately, the sleeves call for knitting flat and seaming, so this is the last of the round garter.  I am further along than in this photo.

I arrived home to find that I had finally received the new Interweave Knits (I think I must be the last!)  I was happy to realize that I have yarn I can use for my two favorites.


Felted Tweed in Watery for Eunny Jang’s cardigan, and Peace Fleece for the Minimalist cardigan.  I must continue my record of knitting teal cardigans.

And now I must go to seam a non teal cardigan, my poor lonely nantucket jacket.  I’m a little worried about it, so here’s hoping it goes well!