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I’m calm… no, really

I keep telling people that I am not freaking out, but I’m not sure that they really believe me.  After all, my wedding is on Friday after all!  Everything is going pretty smoothly, although my relationship with the caterer seems to be quickly souring.

First, the on topic knitty stuff, then onto wedding!

I bought some Garnstudio Eskimo on the cheap, because I want to make this cardigan.   This yarn smells straight up like sheep, which to be honest kind of freaks me out (am I the only knitter who doesn’t like this?  People are always saying how much they love natural smelling yarn, but I am not such a fan.)  The cat, however, is totally fascinated by the stuff.  I’m not sure… maybe I will wash it? (And to answer the questions about this, I use my swift to get the yarn into hanks (is this the right word?), tie it in a few places so it won’t tangle, and then soak it in woolwash and hang to dry.)

WIP update!  I have finished all the pieces of my Nantucket jacket.  I need to block the pieces above, and then I can get to seaming.  This may or may not happen before the wedding, depending on what else I have to do.  It certainly can’t happen until I get my table cleared off!  The entrelac scarf continues, and I still just adore making it.  The photo above is slightly above one ball of SWS.  I bought 4, which looks like it will make a nice long scarf.

Wedding checklist: I have come up with a simple centerpiece (we got all the tiles, vases etc from friends who got married last year.)

Yes, those are coffee beans in here.  I left that one lit for hours, so that I could make sure it wouldn’t burn or smell.  It doesn’t.

Our escort cards and seating chart are done:

One of my best friends who is a fellow Catholic music person is both playing the music and made the worship aids.  He worked very hard on them, and they are so nice!  I think it will make the mass much easier on my (mostly) non Catholic family.  He’s also handling rehearsals with the musicians (we are having violin, flute and a cantor, and one of my best students is singing Ave Maria.)

I have made a little card that lists directions to the reception (unfortunately it requires highway travel) and lists the members of the bridal party.   Of course, the most important part is the little bride and groom robots I placed there!

I know, computer picture is not good, but I need to still print these off.  That quote is from star trek!  Let’s see if anyone notices who Leonard McCoy is.

Other than that… it’s all pretty good!  We can drop off most of our things at the reception venue tomorrow, and they will set them up.  I still need to get a few gifts for people who have helped us with the wedding, and Marc needs to finish up his favors.  I thought today was Wednesday all morning, so I was really happy to realize it was only Tuesday!  I think we should be ready in plenty of time (knock on wood!)

The most important part?  Leon is so happy when we get presents in the mail!