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A present to me!

Thank you for all the comments about my blogiversary!  I was overwhelmed by the number of people stopping by to say they enjoy the blog… thank you all, and I can’t wait to see what I’ve made by the next!

I did pick myself up a blogiversary present.  Not yarn (ok, yarn too!) but something I wouldn’t ordinarily buy for myself.

A Namaste jetsetter bag!  I really wanted the avocado, but the color is no longer on their website.  I found one at kpixie and snapped it up – I love the color so much!  The bag is much larger than I was expecting, which is great because I have a lot of stuff.  It contains two compartments, one for knitting and one for purse stuff, it has one zippered pocked in the middle, and a few side pockets.  The straps are very sturdy.  It arrived yesterday, and I immediately started carrying it around.  We will see how it holds up… but overall I am pleased.  Now I don’t need two bags, and I can retire the sad nine west tote I had been carrying around.

Since I was making an order anyway, I picked up some Peace Fleece and the cutest little stitch markers I have ever seen (I think they are Japanese!)

The peace fleece is a gorgeous color, but it is a rustic feeling yarn (which I was expecting.)  I hear that it blooms after washing.  Has anyone ever prewashed this yarn before knitting with it?  I have done that before and been happy with the results, I just wonder about the mohair content in this one.  I want to make a little cardigan from the peace fleece (I got more than the one skein.)

I’ve got to recommend Kpixie again… they really have just great service, and they carry some hard to find yarns.

I’m still working on Nantucket.  Last night I finished the second sleeve, so now I only have the left front to go!  I hope to have time to pick up some buttons today, but we will see if that happens.  Today is my last day at work before I go one vacation for the wedding (it’s next Friday – I can’t believe it!)

8 thoughts on “A present to me!

  1. I love the bag!! It does look sturdy. Are you going on a honeymoon? I am getting married in May next year. Time flies doesn’t it!!

  2. I didn’t wash my peace fleece before knitting it into a cardigan but it has had many good soaks since. It definitely bloomed quite a bit but it is not soft enough to wear without a long sleeved shirt underneath. It is so warm and perfect for the fall sweater though!

  3. Oooh, love that bag! I’ve been meaning to order one because it’s so perfect for every day and for work (nothing says up-and-coming young professional like the enormous flowered knitting bag I’m currently lugging around).

  4. cool bag! I love bags. I prewash fabric before I sew, but I’ve never heard of someone prewashing yarn. How do you do that??? Does that mean you don’t have to block/block so much??

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