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Rowan 42 and Vogue Knitting

Yesterday I received my copy of Rowan 42 in the mail, and I eagerly looked through it to see if (as others have said) it is nicer in person.  The verdict?  It is nicer in person… but overall I’m still a little underwhelmed.

One of my biggest problems with this magazine is how dark it is.  I know it’s the fall/winter issue and all, but there are some sweaters I cannot see at all:

The sweater on the right appears in the section where the staff wears the clothes, which is the only reason I like it.  You can’t even see the first sweater (there is another photo, taken from far away from the side,) and the middle is the same.  It also shows another peeve – displaying your models artfully draped over the landscape.  If you’re going to do that, please take another photo where the model is standing, without her hands on her hips, so that I can see what the sweater actually looks like. I will not make a sweater if I cannot tell how it fits.

I mentioned the staff section, and it is definitely the highlight of the issue.  There are several sweaters I would not have considered that I added to my list after viewing this section.  In fact, I would like it very much if the entire magazine were more like this section – well lit, focusing on clothes in colors other than cream, tan, and gray.

I love the first sweater, and the sweater on the right is the one from above that I mentioned.  I like a few more designs as well:


I really like the sweater on the right (called Earn) – look at the lovely detail!

I think I’m actually feeling inspired to make it in the original colors.   Anyway… I do like Rowan 42, I just wish that they would have more patterns that are actually pretty.  I haven’t mentioned the loads of bulky cabled sweaters in this issue, because I am not interested in them.  Out of the three stories I really only like one, plus the Earn sweater.  There are lots of designs in Cocoon, which is a heavy yarn that only comes in “natural” colors.

Ok, on to Vogue Knitting.  I bought it knowing that I hadn’t liked any of the preview patterns, and I was not disappointed – there is nothing I’m adding to my queue from this issue, other than the Silver Belle pattern by Debbie Bliss that I have already mentioned.  There are a lot of oversized sweaters, including a feature on reworking 10 patterns of the past.  Unfortunately, I didn’t like any of those patterns.  I didn’t realize that Vogue now is different from the Vogue Knitting of the 60s, so I’m disappointed they could rework any of the sweaters from that time period… but I guess if the 80s/90s is all you have to work from you get things like this:

The only design I really liked this time around was by Shirley Paden:

Unfortunately, since this is all we see of it, there is no chance of me making it (and really, the collar is a bit much.)

But ah well… I’ve never actually made a vogue pattern anyway, although I do have plans to make the eyelet blouse from last winter’s issue.  This issue has a very nice article on choosing flattering shapes, and it also includes two interesting interviews with knitting’s “old guard” vs “new guard.”  I also quite like Veronique Avery’s design from the Reynolds’ cover.  I’m glad to own it, because I’m totally a sucker for buying anything about knitting, but I don’t think I will be using it very often.

10 thoughts on “Rowan 42 and Vogue Knitting

  1. The new Vogue is, on the whole, pretty ‘eh.’ I am glad I got it though. It includes a few nice car length coats and I do like the cover scarf. I don’t understand the grossly oversized sweater blobs though…

    I anxiously await your Rowan knits!

  2. See, I’m crazy about that lace sweater, collar and all. I think I’d make it in black, though. It would probably look less overwhelming that way.

  3. I heartily agree with you that the photos in Rowan 42 are way too dark! Who will knit designs shown (not shown, more accurately) in those photos? So disappointing. But as you say, the staff photos were the highlight, and at least we can see those designs.

  4. I also wouldn’t make any of the designs in the new Vogue (in fact, I recently blogged about my disappointment in them, too), but there are some really interesting articles, including interviews with well-known designers and knitters, so it’s worth buying–just not for the patterns.

  5. I can’t believe that the brown sweater in Rowan 42 is the same as the aqua sweater. I really wish more knit mags would do that: show the same sweater in different sizes. Granted, it would be more expensive to produce, but so often they look completely different on other folks. Vogue Knitting did nothing for me this time around (other than the freebies). I half wanted to read the interviews but not enough to buy the mag.

  6. I really like the red lace and cable pullover by Shirley Paden from Vogue also. I can’t figure out the collar though and, of course, can’t find any other photo’s or schematics of it on their web site. If I make it I would leave off the collar. I wish Vogue’s web site would have bonus photos of their knits like Interweave Knits does of theirs. I also wish that instead of offering up those past patterns like the forest cardi, and world pullover as they were originally written with different yarns, that they would have updated the patterns for a more modern fit. And I agree with you about the Rowan photos.

  7. I’ve never knitted anything from a Vogue Knitting magazine either. I agree about Rowan 42 being too dark and liking the staff section as well. Did you see that HUGE blankie-type thing in there – “Faroe” I believe was the name? WHO is exactly going to wear that? The only way I would ever make that is if I was going to turn the heat off in my house over the winter and wear that around. LOL.

  8. I actually liked the “Faeroe” thing, but I think I could only wear among other knitters, or wear it at a Renaissance Festival! But I love that lace cardy that was shown in both brown and teal! Unfortunately, I don’t buy a $22 mag for only 2 patterns. . .

  9. Greetings – Can you let me know where the above pattern – the over-sized, off-white pullover with ribbed yoke and pockets – can be found, who designed it, which magazine publiched in, etc.? Love it! Jessica

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