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I think this is the first time I have really enjoyed a cabled project.  I have done small cables, and I have attempted to make others, but I always got fustrated really quickly.  I think I have finally reached the point of being ok with charts, so that is probably helping me out more than anything!  I’m using an extra circular needle as my cable needle, and I like it because it gets the stitches out of my way but won’t drop them.  I do know how to cable without a cable needle, but I only use that if there are tons of cables, because I find it sort of fiddly.

Here is my progress on the back so far!

This knit is really hard for the first few rows, but after the first repeat it gets much easier, and using my complicated system of stitch markers means I don’t have to use my brain too much, except on the cable row.

I’m just about to the point where I need to decide whether I want to lengthen the jacket or not.  This may not be apparent, but I am very, very short-waisted.  I dread the day they stop making low rise pants, because my waist is approximately 1.5″ under my bust.  I celebrate the empire waist, because it makes the entire subject moot.  My torso is not short, it’s just that the distance between my waist and hips is very long.  So I’m never sure on these things.  I have liked the looks of the jackets I’ve seen that aren’t lengthened better.  Oh well… I think I’ll have to do some measurements of myself and of jackets I already own, and then decide.

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  1. I find that measuring something that fits well and working to those measurements is the best way to make something that really fits. That jacket does appear to be quite short in the magazine picture.

  2. I also do the cable knitting w/o a cable needle routine when I can, but I agree that it can be ‘fiddly’. This project is going to be fantastic, and knowing you it will done before your wedding!;)

  3. This is also one of my “must knits.” I’m glad it’s going so well for you; it looks great so far:) I never considered using Patons, but I’ll have to now! Nice an budget friendly!

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