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A sleeve!

Today I have a nearly completed sleeve from my nantucket jacket.  I’m using Patons classic merino, and so far I’m happy with the stitch definition.  It isn’t soft squishy merino, but then I don’t think soft and squishy works as well for a jacket (I have heard comments that the Berroco Pure Merino in the pattern tends to stretch.)

I’m finding the stitch pattern so satisfying to work on right now, which is good because I’m a wee bit stressed.

We looked at this house today, but I think it wasn’t quite right for us.  It’s a beautiful home to be sure, but I didn’t love the way it was laid out, and it feels small for a nearly 2000 sq ft house.  I swear though, I nearly would have bought it because it was decorated so beautifully… but I know that if we wait we will find a house that is perfect for us.  I would also rather be closer to central park… that house is  almost literally across the street from my high school, near where Old Louisville ends.  I have hope that we will find a house on one of the lovely walking courts in that area.  We will wait and see.  It is all very exciting!