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Patterns galore!

I really love when the seasons are about to change – we finally get a peek at some new patterns after months of waiting!

I am so in love with this little Cardigan, from the new Debbie Bliss Luxury Collection.

I adore the rounded collar.  It’s unusual that I like any of her patterns, so perhaps between this and the Silver Belle pattern from Vogue she is finally interesting me!

This vest/sweater thing is from Rowan Studio 5.

I saw a similar sweater at Target but wouldn’t allow myself to buy it – I was glad when I saw this one!  I don’t usually “get” the Rowan Studio books, but this is so nice!

And finally, this new design for Stitch Diva/Tillie Thomas is very cute.  I still love puffed sleeves.

There is a long sleeved version as well, which seems more practical, but it loses the puffy sleeve.

And oh!  I forgot to mention that Marc’s family had thrown us a shower last Sunday.  Here is a photo – one of many of us opening things!

We now have so much stuff… when I registered it was with the idea that we are buying a house soon – and now I hope it’s sooner rather than later, because we are running out of room!  We are thinking of buying a home in Old Louisville.  It is within walking distance of Marc’s work, and I have always wanted to own a home in the district… plus we will be able to afford the space I need for a studio.  I am a bit wary of crime, but… we have many friends who live there, and they seem to love it!  I have always lived in historic buildings, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I am also very biased towards brick homes, and since I don’t think a craftsman style would be large enough (for me to teach, I mean, they are big enough for us personally,) I don’t think we can afford a nice brick house in our current neighborhood (also a preservation district) where houses similar to the ones below are at least twice the cost (actually the ones below are a little bit too large… but aren’t they pretty?)  Our condo now is 1100 square feet, and I think we need 2000 so that I can keep a studio that doesn’t have to double as a living room, and so that if Marc has to be home when I teach he can be away from the noise somewhat.

9 thoughts on “Patterns galore!

  1. That DB pattern is cute. I too prefer brick homes but I’m really trying to find a craftsman home. I just love them. However finding on that hasn’t been updated to the point of ruination that is also large enough and in our price range is something of a problem. Some craftsman homes are 2000+ sq ft but they can be tough to find or why too freaking expensive. At least in st. louis where I hope we’ll be buying.

  2. I was just looking at that pattern by Stitch Diva. I tried to download it, but it’s not available yet. I really adore the puff sleeve version as well. Who needs practical when you can have puff? lol

  3. That first cardigan is so you. You have a very retro-chic sort of look, and that one really suits you.

    Allow me to give you the advice my father gave me (and I ignored) when I was looking to buy my first house: Buy the most house you can possibly afford. It will appreciate more than a less-expensive house, making you much more money over time. (You are also less likely to need to move if you have kids and need more space.)

  4. I agree with the above poster that the Debbie Bliss cardi is you to a tee. And Old Louisville is such a captivating neighborhood, I can completely see why you are interested in living there.

  5. The debbie bliss georgina pattern is gorgeous – I also love Alex from the same collection.

    Speaking of DB, i just bought the new “cashmerino collection” pattern book and i think lots of its lovely. She’s done well recently!

  6. I think that Debbie Bliss pattern would be the ideal gift for my mom! It looks extremely flattering and very classy. Now the only question is if it comes in big enough to fit a 42″ chest…

    You look like you’re all having fun opening stuff. Not stuffy at all. That’s my favorite kind of shower!

  7. Fantastic taste!! I love it all!
    How did you like working with Sierra on that Joan McGowan pattern? Its just wonderful isnt it!

    I just love your taste! Thanks for all of the eye candy your work is fantastic!

  8. Came here from But yes, Debbie Bliss seems to be getting her finger out these days. I’ve been taking a closer look at her new desgins. Fab.

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