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Patterns galore!

I really love when the seasons are about to change – we finally get a peek at some new patterns after months of waiting!

I am so in love with this little Cardigan, from the new Debbie Bliss Luxury Collection.

I adore the rounded collar.  It’s unusual that I like any of her patterns, so perhaps between this and the Silver Belle pattern from Vogue she is finally interesting me!

This vest/sweater thing is from Rowan Studio 5.

I saw a similar sweater at Target but wouldn’t allow myself to buy it – I was glad when I saw this one!  I don’t usually “get” the Rowan Studio books, but this is so nice!

And finally, this new design for Stitch Diva/Tillie Thomas is very cute.  I still love puffed sleeves.

There is a long sleeved version as well, which seems more practical, but it loses the puffy sleeve.

And oh!  I forgot to mention that Marc’s family had thrown us a shower last Sunday.  Here is a photo – one of many of us opening things!

We now have so much stuff… when I registered it was with the idea that we are buying a house soon – and now I hope it’s sooner rather than later, because we are running out of room!  We are thinking of buying a home in Old Louisville.  It is within walking distance of Marc’s work, and I have always wanted to own a home in the district… plus we will be able to afford the space I need for a studio.  I am a bit wary of crime, but… we have many friends who live there, and they seem to love it!  I have always lived in historic buildings, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I am also very biased towards brick homes, and since I don’t think a craftsman style would be large enough (for me to teach, I mean, they are big enough for us personally,) I don’t think we can afford a nice brick house in our current neighborhood (also a preservation district) where houses similar to the ones below are at least twice the cost (actually the ones below are a little bit too large… but aren’t they pretty?)  Our condo now is 1100 square feet, and I think we need 2000 so that I can keep a studio that doesn’t have to double as a living room, and so that if Marc has to be home when I teach he can be away from the noise somewhat.