So much to do, but still progress!

Weekends are always busy (and therefore not really weekends) for me, but I did still manage to accomplish a lot on my knitting!  The back of Agnes is nearly complete, and I’ve added 4 rows to Danica.

I’m trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with my work schedule.  I only have 1 day off a week, and I really need 2… preferably together.  I want to rearrange and get Thursdays off.  I am still stressed, but I am trying to do what is expected of me!

Ok… enough about life!  The Knitting Garden has pics up from the new Rowan mag. I wish I could give a review, but the pictures are so dark… and this seems to be true for the last several Rowan Mags (the last one was better.)  I always have trouble seeing the clothes.  There are a few sweaters I think I like, and then there are a few “oh my gods.”  Unfortunately, the pictures of those are clear.


It’s like… they just knitted sacks (or in the case of the second, knitted a blanket and then pinned it on.)

There are a few I think I like though, but I will have to wait for the magazine.


I find all the crazy things they throw on with the designs to be distracting.  I shouldn’t have to say “OK, what’s the knitted item in this picture.”  And also… enough already with unnecessary belting of sweaters.  All it does is make me think that your sweater doesn’t fit, and even if it does I cannot tell how the sweater is shaped.

There… that’s my rant for the day… but I withhold judgment on the new Rowan Mag.  I cannot tell from preview pics.