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FO: Montego Bay Scarf

Pattern: Montego Bay scarf by Amy Singer, Interweave Knits Summer 07

Yarn: Handmaiden Sea Silk in Glacier, 1 skein

Needles: Size 6 US

Notes: It is finally finished! This scarf gave me fits, because the pattern was just so boring. I finally decided to just bind off, and magically it was long enough, even without finishing the skein! I chose not to make the braided fringe, because apparently my braiding skills are lousy, so I just made a plain fringe. I can always braid it later! My thoughts on Sea silk? Eh… I am not too impressed. I read on Knitter’s review (here) that the yarn is actually 70% silk and 30% seacell, of which 5% is actual sea product and the rest is tencel, and I think it shows. I love tencel, but not at the price of sea silk. It does tend to snag on things, which I did not like. I prefer wool/silk blends, but that’s a personal preference thing… I wouldn’t knit with 100% silk either.

The end result of my scarf is very light and lovely, and should make a nice accessory in the last month of summer. I just don’t think I will be making another anytime soon!

I did cast on for another scarf immediately – I have started my Danica! This is my second attempt at Entrelac, and wow is it ever easier when I’m not using Silk Garden. I have just finished all of my set-up triangles, and it is lovely so far!

I finally made it through the seed stitch portion of Agnes’ back, and it should go much faster now. Wow that was a lot of seed stitch! One thing I really like about this pattern is that you cast off the lower portion (is it a peplum?) and then pick up stitches from the WS, creating a decorative row… and ensuring that my slight gauge difference between my moss stitch and stockinette won’t show.

I am so relieved the scarf is finished, it’s making the rest of my knitting seem easier!

23 thoughts on “FO: Montego Bay Scarf

  1. The montego bay scarf is lovely on you (great color for you!) and I hope you enjoy wearing it even it was not fun to knit. I am a little nervous now as I have the yarn to knit one as well!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Sea Silk. I have been considering getting some, and it’s good to have a balanced picture.

    The scarf is lovely, too bad it was so boring!

  3. I find that most scarf projects cannot ever hold my interest, they all become tedious in the end. Your Montego Bay is very cute, despite the boredom it induced in you!

  4. The montego bay scarf is really lovely! And wow the colors for your entrelac scarf are awesome.
    Good work woth the seed stitch, it is so pretty but such a slow process.

  5. I hadn’t heard that about the Sea Silk but now I’m glad I passed on it. I do have some silk I’m planning to use to make a wider version of this scarf. Yours looks great.

  6. Love the scarf! It looks gorgeous on you. I had no idea about the Sea Silk and its contents, though. At 30+ a skein, I’d have thought it would contain more… non-tencel, I guess.

    The entrelac is looking good too. It’s funny, I’m exactly the opposite: I don’t mind Silk Garden (it softens after a few baths), but the first time I touched SWS, I thought, ewwww!
    I touched it again recently and wasn’t as eeked out, though, so I may give it a try. Besides, I like the price much better than the price of Noro.

  7. Hoorah, you finally finished the Montego Bay scarf! It looks really nice. 🙂 But 25% of the Sea Silk is actually tencel…? And not Sea Cell? Huh.. Well that’s slightly disappointing..

  8. Congratulations on finally finishing your scarf. It looks very lovely. A note on the SWS- I made a hat/scarf set with it last year (same colours) and it turned out very nice with a good transition between colours. Warm too!

  9. Congrats on finishing your scarf! I am sure it feels great to be finished, and it is very lovely. Can’t wait to see your Danica. Very pretty so far.

  10. Way to say “enough is enough”. I think the scarf looks great, and it’s plenty long. And thanks for teaching me a new word! Your peplum is lovely. 🙂

  11. Your Montego Bay scarf looks awesome and the colorway is fabulous on you. This project has been on my “to do” list for a while with Fiesta La Luz 100% silk reserved especially for it. Don’t give up entirely on silk just yet. I’ve knitted with Art Yarns’ Regal Silk and it was great.

  12. wow, I like that colour MUCH more than the one in the magazine. Is that pattern really that boring? damnit, i wanted to make a xmas present out of it!

  13. Wow – your montego bay looks awesome! I have been a total space-case and keep messing up the unbelievably easy stitch pattern. It doesn’t help that I’m usually talking to someone or trying to watch a movie while I’m knitting. Anyway I’m using ArtYarns Regal Silk and I really like it. Soooo pretty, and the yarn is really soft. Love it.

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