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Thanks for all the suggestions re: Martha and my gauge issues!  I’ve decided to put it away for now.  I may try it again later in a wool 4-ply yarn, as I don’t seem to have as many issues when knitting with wool as opposed to cotton.  Instead, I’ve finally been able to start Agnes!

Cotton Glace is lovely to work with, and I only had to go down one needle size!  So far I seem to be measuring about what I should be, so hopefully this one will work out!

And never let it be said that I am immune to impulse buys at the craft store.  I’m still working on my Montego bay scarf, but it should be done soon!  I thought it would give me motivation if I got another yarn to make my next scarf with, so I bought some Patons SWS in Natural Pink to make Danica from Knitty.

They didn’t have my first choice color (natural green) but I’m happy with this one.  It is different from my usual colors!  I made Marc a hat last year with SWS and it has held up extremely well.  I don’t really love the hairy quality of the yarn, but it is so lovely and shiny knitted up.  Maybe this will motivate me to finish my current scarf project!

I was looking for Cotton Ease as well, but it was nowhere to be found in Michaels.  Can I just say that Louisville does not have a great selection if you’re searching for basic brands of yarn?  Michaels seems to carry less and less, and now they seem to have rearranged the store again.  Hobby Lobby never has what I want, and we don’t have a Joanne’s or anything.  We do have Ben Franklin, but I do not live near one, and seldom find a chance to venture to either Middletown or Southern Indiana to visit one.

Ah well… tomorrow I will have to visit the craft store again – my Mom, her friend Patti and I are going shopping for ribbon to make pew decorations as well as anything else crafty I have forgotten about.

Work was better today- I am feeling my way around, and starting to understand my responsibilities and what is expected of me!