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Fall previews!

The fall preview for Vogue is up on their website.  My thoughts on the preview?  Eh… I will have to wait for the issue.  I’m really happy to see that the Debbie Bliss sweater I liked is available for free!  I also like the free sweatercoat by Veronique Avery, although I don’t really want to knit a huge coat like that.

I have some Valley Yarns Amherst  that I think might work for the jacket.  It’s a dark charcoal… very nice!

The Interweave preview isn’t up yet, but thanks to Tammy for showing me where you can see some of the designs!  I love Eunny Jang’s sweater (yay for felted tweed!) and the placed cable aran is nice too!

I will wait until the magazine is out to judge the rest – they aren’t all up yet, and the photos are small.  I will say that overall it looks like a pretty strong issue!

10 thoughts on “Fall previews!

  1. These previews look amazing. So amazing, in fact, that you just inspired me to subscribe! To my very first knitting magazine. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Interesting I never buy Vogue Knitting but I actually may buy this issue. I am loving the 2 previews you showed us. So you want to knit up the silver belle??

    Ironically, I typically get the IK and not impressed with the 2 previews you used showed me. Pooh.

  3. I wish that the “bonus photos” were working on the IK preview. The red cardi looks promising, but I’ll have to wait until I can see a bigger photo as I am on the never ending quest to find the perfect cardi that won’t send me to the cleaners on cost. I do have to say that I really like the Veronik freebie from Vogue, but I don’t know if I am over my “love/hate” thing with her patterns. Time will tell.

  4. In my opinion, VK never disappoints – looks like the 25th anniversary issue is no exception! The new site looks fab and I can’t wait to try out all those free patterns! Did you see that they’re also selling past VK patterns, too?

  5. It’s nice of Vogue to provide all those free cover patterns. I’ll have to flip through the 25th anniversary issue before I say yay or nay to it, but the provided preview does not look very promising. IK on the other hand has several projects that make it worth having.

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