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I’m working on that *&%$ Montego Bay scarf today.  I’m determined to finish it, but I am so tired of making K2togs!  I’m also still waiting on my pattern for Agnes before I can start on that.  I cannot wait for fall knits now!  It was sooo hot and humid here yesterday.  I finally broke down and subscribed to Interweave Knits and crochet, and they gave me a shipping date of 8/15 for the fall knits issue.  Who knows what that means… In the meantime, I found two knits for fall that I’ve added to my list.

On the left is zephyrstyle‘s new pattern, the treejacket.  I think it has some cute details, although I will confess to a certain amount of suspicion towards any knit that includes garter stitch, because I fear stretching.  On the right is Patti, from Rowan Studio One.  I joined Rowan International a little bit ago, since they’ve lowered prices, making it about the same cost as 2 magazines, and I ordered this as a single pattern off their website, since I don’t care for any of the other designs in this book.  As an aside, has anyone ever done that, and how long did it take them to email you your patterns?  It’s only been a day, but I’m curious if I should check.

Patti is also lovely because she is knit in Felted tweed, which is of course still my most favorite yarn. I only hope I don’t get allergic to it the way I was to the alpaca in my pie shawl (I doubt it; the alpaca content isn’t too high, and it hasn’t bothered me before.)

I’m also printing little stickers to go on the favor boxes at our wedding.  We’re having little boxes of legos as favors, so here is the sticker I made (I got the idea online, it wasn’t mine!)

10 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. wow! the tree jacket is terribly cute. The pie shawl didn’t work out, eh? that’s too bad, it’s very pretty.

  2. Don’t trust that date from Interweave, I recently started my subscription to Knits and it took forever, I ended up calling to check. I think they told me that they ship the first issues last and at the slowest rate. But they were really nice!

  3. Patti so fashionable! I really like it! You will do a great job on that pattern!

    What made you decide to go with the Legos as favors? Too cute! :oD

  4. I’m definitely doing the tree jacket sometime soon too. I’ve been very slowly warming up to the idea of garter stitch over the last several months — I used to hate it. I think it’s pretty well suited to this sort of loose, comfy style, but we’ll see.

  5. I’m also working on Montego Bay with Sea Silk and it’s a good thing I’m loving the colors because it sure seems endless. Maybe we should have a race to the finish.

    I found the IK Fall preview today. It looks like they still have some bonus shots to upload but here’s the link…

    BTW – Love your shawl and the Lego stickers!

  6. I absolutely adore that tree sweater!! You’re site is such a bad influence for my “future projects” pile. I keep seeing fabulous things on here that seem to magically jump off the screen at me and demand to be knitted. Pronto.

  7. It’s always funny when you find another blogger that has the exact same taste as you. I’ve been walking around with both these patterns in my yarn bag – waiting to find the right yarn. I probably should stay with the Rowan for Patti. And I may do that vogue swing jacket also. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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