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Shawls in July

While I am waiting for the Woolie silk I ordered for my capelet to arrive (UPS takes at least a week to send things here… and then they won’t leave packages or ring the bell…) I decided to start another shawl.  I present…

The Perfect Pie shawl by Veronique Avery (oh, how I love her designs!) from Weekend Knitting.  The yarn is Elann Pure Alpaca in Jasper, which is a most beautiful and hard to describe color (kind of a dark spruce with heathered blue bits?), and a very soft and lovely yarn.  I spent most of yesterday afternoon before work swatching, because you know what?  There is a big fat error in this pattern, and no published errata that I can find.  I’m going to post the fix here, because I had a terrible time trying to find info about it.  The pattern specifically tells you not to twist the stitches when doing the M1 increases.  This is incorrect.  You should pick up the stich from front to back and then twist it by knitting it through the back loop.  This results in the pretty lacey triangles in the photo; otherwise you get some sort of round lacey look, which I wasn’t liking.  I wouldn’t be mad about it if the pattern didn’t specifically say not to twist the stitches, which is completely the opposite of what you should do!

It’s a lovely pattern though… I can’t wait to finish it and have a lovely fluffy shawl to wear!  Um… in July.  Yeah.  I’m just not ready for warm sweater knitting yet, and I am awaiting the pattern for Agnes (yes, even though it’s almost the same as those others… I am weird.)  My swatch opened up to the right size with blocking, so I’m confident that my shawl will too!  I would recommend this pattern for people who (like me) don’t care for super duper complicated lace, or for knitting with laceweight.  I had the pattern memorized in 5 minutes.

I will have to find a lightweight yarn that at least kind of matches to do the edging… I anticipate this will not be fun, but I’d better get started!  It took me about 2 hours to do the half pie wedge above, so this isn’t going to take forever.

Meanwhile, the Montego Bay scarf marches on… and on… and on.  I’m at two feet now (1 foot of which was added in the past 2 days) and I’m really getting bored with K2togs.  The problem is that I can’t zone out while doing them, and I don’t like staring at the scarf when it’s really only a 2 row repeat (shifted over a bit on the next row.)   I will persevere though, because I really love the colors and I want to wear it… someday.  When it finally decides to get finished.