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Still pondering…

Every once in awhile, even though I have 90 bajillion knits in my queue, I’ll find a new pattern that strikes me so much that I must start it immediately!  This is the case with the Lake of the Woods Capelet, by Ilga Leja.

(on the left) OK, so I can’t start it right away (I have to wait for my yarn and pattern to arrive – I am even using the recommended color!) but isn’t it lovely?   I actually like many of her designs, and I also ordered the pattern for the shawl on the right at the same time.  The patterns are lacy but still contemporary, which I love.  I am not really interested in floral or leafy lace patterns.

I also saw a gorgeous completed Agnes, from Rowan 35 here,  and realized I had enough Cotton Glace (in Ivy)to make one!  I was looking through my Rowan patterns then, and noticed something funny.


Agnes is on the left, and on the right is Joy from Vintage Knits.  Different materials, sleeve lengths, and stitch patterns, but essentially the same sweater.  The beaded sweater from “Romantic Knits” is also the same, with the addition of a bow around the waist.  It’s funny because all 3 of these were on my list at one time, and it never occurred to me that they were practically the same!   Having said that… I’m keeping these two on my list.  I love this style, and I think the different materials make a huge difference.  And I’ve never knit with beads (Agnes has French knots instead.) But Agnes will be first, because I’m not ready for tweediness yet this summer.

I picked up Lace style a few weeks ago.  And while I maintain that at least half the patterns in the book are kind of crazy, and the sizing isn’t great, I could not longer resist the allure of the retro shrug, which I will eventually make (perhaps soon!) with some cashmerino.  I also like the Katherine Hepburn  cardigan and the Shetland Shawl turned vest (although I’m not sure I could actually pull off the vest without looking like some kind of demented Heidi)

I read a review online that complained about the styling in Lace Style, and I can’t argue.  I really don’t like that orange shrug with the pink dress, but it is certainly not the worst offender in the book.  There is no comparison with the Rowan (well, at least with Vintage Knits and Romantic Style, both of which make me want to knit every single piece in the book.)

My LYS has their Summer sale this Saturday (on my birthday!  Must be fate!) so I’m trying to plan what I’d like to buy.  The Ilga Leja kit was my gift to myself.