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Things are still picking up speed around here!  We finally sold my car, and so this weekend we went and bought my first grown-up car!  It’s an 03 Volvo S60, and I love it so much.

I also got all my invites sent out, so I’ve now worked up a prototype program for the wedding, and now that I’ve finally chosen all the music we can get started on them!

As for knitting, I’m debating what to start next.  Yesterday I cast on for “Cozy” from Knitty using Silky Wool, but I decided I didn’t like the lace pattern so I ripped it.  Here’s the color I have (I have about 1000 yards.)

Silky wool is a strange yarn to me.  I made my “Not-so-shrunken” cardigan from it, and while I do love that sweater I’m not convinced that Silky Wool is great for sweaters in general.  I do like the “Deceptively simple stole” from the Spring 07 Interweave crochet… I’m strongly considering starting it, and getting a few balls of a contrasting gray or black to go with the lavender.  I would leave out the beads (I don’t get beaded knitting, it seems like a lot of trouble!)  Isn’t it pretty?  It will work up fast too, in the open weave crochet pattern.  I don’t want another knitted scarf/shawl to work on, as the Montego Bay scarf is taking sooo long (all those K2Togs… they take forever with sea silk!)

I want a new sweater project too, but I think I’ve entered the part of the season where I start questioning the wisdom of making more short sleeved sweaters.  I’m cold natured, and I don’t wear short sleeves past August ever.  I was going to make the Two-over-two vest from the current Knitscene, but I would need a different yarn than the cascade pima tencel I was planning…

I am so indecisive!

3 thoughts on “Newness

  1. I’m on my last summer sweater right now. Next up will be cosmicpluto’s sweater coat, which I’m doing in some Malabrigo from stash. Also, WEBS has Lana Grossa babykid on a great sale, so I ordered some to do Lana Grossa’s really simple ruffled-edge stockinette shawl (for fall tv knitting).

    Your wedding program is beautiful.

  2. Congrats on the new Volvo!! Nothing like dependable Swedish engineering…I am making a tank out of Silky Wool and am thinking about frogging it as it seems overly scratchy:(

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