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Busy life!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We had my friends Althea and Jason over for grilled chicken and veggie couscous, and then we went to see “Sicko” at the local indie theater. I don’t trumpet my political opinions on this blog, but I do recommend seeing this film. I thought it was excellent and very moving. It especially touched me, as up until this past year I had been without insurance for 6 years (the joys of self-employment!)

Enough of that though, and onto knitting! Last night I finished the back of Camisa.

I’m following the directions for the smallest size, so here’s hoping it fits! Hopefully the front will go faster, since I’m no longer stuck in wedding invitation hell. Yes, they have all been sent out as of Tuesday! Now, of course, I have to make programs and place cards, but those won’t be nearly as bad as trying to remember to put all those enclosures in the invites!

I do have a few photos of our shower on Sunday. Here’s Marc with his favorite present:

Hanging around with friends (the weather was so nice!)

And our cake!

And the cats were not forgotten! Jason bought them a kitty tent to call their own.

Sorry there isn’t a cat actually in the tent, they can be so difficult when they want to!