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A nice start

Camisa is off to a nice start!

I’m doing the top portion is stockinette rather than reverse stockinette, because I’ve decided I’m just not a fan of the reverse stockinette sweaters I have.  I’m wearing a (storebought) reverse stockinette sweater now, and it always takes effort to figure out which way is wrong side out!  Camisa is an easy knit – and I love that basketweave panel!  I’ve redone the bottom of the panel twice, trying to find the correct measurements.  It doesn’t have increases for the hips, it has a slit on either side instead, so it’s really hard for me to judge.  The first was too small, so I started again, and hopefully now it will fit (I am following the directions for the 32.5″ size with a few modifications for differing row gauge.)  My picked up stitches don’t look great there, but I don’t think they look that bad it real life….  and really, that was the best I could do after several tries.  I think it’s the basketweave making it look uneven.

My Montego Bay scarf is coming along as well.  I don’t expect it to be finished soon, but someday!  All those K2tog’s make me a little crazy after awhile, so I can’t do too much at a time.

 I’m trying to finish off my wedding invites today.  Tomorrow my aunt and friend are throwing us a shower, and I’m looking forward to that!

9 thoughts on “A nice start

  1. Camisa looks beautiful! After watching you for a while, I finally bought some Cotton Fleece for a couple of summer projects. I cast on for the first yesterday, and I LOVE the yarn. It is not at all like the cottons I’ve worked with (and disliked) in the past. It’s soft and springy and behaves more like wool, but with the nice dry hand of cotton. I’m already contemplating buying more. It may be my new favorite. Thanks for the tip. I hope you have a lovely shower. Try to enjoy every moment of the whirlwind that is wedding.

  2. Your Camisa is looking great. I’ve had it in the back of my mind for a while, and I have bunch of cotton fleece in my stash (although it’s actually a bit hot for Florida summers). Have a fun at your shower.

  3. This is looking wonderful! I have the sammmmmmeeeeee pattern! LOL, Hmmm, and I see you are using BSCF…..this is becoming a favorite yarn of mine…hmmm lol

  4. Yes I’ve always hated reverse stockinette as well so I fully support your decision!;) The Cotton Fleece is so enticing, I just love how it knits up..

  5. oooo…the montego bay is looking wonderful. Like a light seafoam on the ocean.

    You are also inspiring me to make the camisa but my basketweave stitches with cotton always come out a little wonky.

  6. I’ve been thinking about making Camisa since the mag came out… it will be nice to see how yours turns out (looks great so far!), and the colors in the Montego Bay scarf are gorgeous.

  7. i’ve done the same on my Camisa when it comes to not doing the reverse stockinette. had to put it on hold for a bit because i ran out of yarn and scoured the web for a few more balls. but they arrived yesterday and maybe i’ll have it finished and sewn together in a few days.

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