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A nice start

Camisa is off to a nice start!

I’m doing the top portion is stockinette rather than reverse stockinette, because I’ve decided I’m just not a fan of the reverse stockinette sweaters I have.  I’m wearing a (storebought) reverse stockinette sweater now, and it always takes effort to figure out which way is wrong side out!  Camisa is an easy knit – and I love that basketweave panel!  I’ve redone the bottom of the panel twice, trying to find the correct measurements.  It doesn’t have increases for the hips, it has a slit on either side instead, so it’s really hard for me to judge.  The first was too small, so I started again, and hopefully now it will fit (I am following the directions for the 32.5″ size with a few modifications for differing row gauge.)  My picked up stitches don’t look great there, but I don’t think they look that bad it real life….  and really, that was the best I could do after several tries.  I think it’s the basketweave making it look uneven.

My Montego Bay scarf is coming along as well.  I don’t expect it to be finished soon, but someday!  All those K2tog’s make me a little crazy after awhile, so I can’t do too much at a time.

 I’m trying to finish off my wedding invites today.  Tomorrow my aunt and friend are throwing us a shower, and I’m looking forward to that!