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Up next!

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my sweaters!  I’ve already worn Josephine twice, and I’m wearing the shrug today.  I love them both!  I have to confess, I didn’t really enjoy working two at one time.  I just felt guilty for not working on one when I was working on the other!  So I think I’ll stick to my one sweater at a time policy, with one small carrying project (still the Montego bay scarf – I only have been working on it during breaks at work, so 30 minutes at a time.  It’s getting there!)

My next project is going to be Camisa from the Fall 06 Knitscene.

The yarn is Cotton Fleece in Candy apple.  I have yet to tire of cotton fleece, and I’m not sure it will ever happen!  For warm weather projects that need 5 st/in  I have found no decent substitutes.  I think Camisa will be lovely in the saturated red.  Knitscene Fall 06 is a great magazine.  I’m also planning on making Molly Ringwald (in Classic Silk) and the Tulips kimono cardigan (in Knitpicks andean treasure.)

I also have plans to make the Ingenue sweater and this cute little vest from the current issue of knitscene.  The Ingenue sweater has gorgeous details, the back is really pretty!  It’s knit in Classic Elite Wool Bamboo, a yarn I have been dying to try, and I might actually use the recommended color.  The vest I will use some ivory pima tencel to make… it looks like a quick project, and I do like little short vests.