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FO: Two toned shrug

Pattern: Two toned shrug from Fitted Knits

Size: 14″

Yarn: Malabrigo merino in purple mystery, 1.5 skeins

Needles: US 7 and 4

Notes: It may have been quick and easy, and I love the finished shrug, but I didn’t find myself enjoying the process. I had to knit the Malabrigo on size 7s for the body and 4s for the ribbing because of my loose gauge, and I really didn’t enjoy that. The ribbed edging seemed to go on forever as well. But having said that, I love the color, and I love how soft the yarn is. It will be nice for cool evenings over dresses and camisoles. I made the size 14 instead of the 13 because my measurement was exactly 14″ and I had seen a few other people complain that the 13 was too tight. I love the results – it fits perfectly! The ribbing is not wonky the way it looks in that photo. You all know what this shrug looks like!

Also note the Lego Starship Enterprise sitting on our sideboard. Marc made it for me and I *heart* it!

13 thoughts on “FO: Two toned shrug

  1. Too funny! I posted a finished one of these on my blog moments ago! Hmm..wonder if this is a popular pattern? šŸ™‚

    Love the color of yours. That’s too bad that you didn’t enjoy working the Malabrigo up for this. It’s such a dream to work with usually.

  2. Woot Woot! Random Star Trek reference.

    Uh hum (composing geeky self), I also like the shrug. Perfect color on you. I am glad you made it in malabrigo because I have some and couldn’t decide what to use it on. Maybe this will work out, we shall see.

    Great Job!

  3. The shrug looks great – too funny though – I was just telling someone else that I am not enjoying the process of knitting mine!

  4. Lovely! I can see the edging taking forever, I think there’s more ribbing knitting that shrug knitting in the pattern. Your Josephine is gorgeous, too!

  5. i might be going crazy, but i cant seem to find a link to the pattern you used. i am absolutely in love with this shrug, and would SOO appreciate it if you would let me know where i can get my hands on the pattern. thank you!

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