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I’ve spent the past several days cutting paper for various wedding related crafts.  Things are shaping up nicely – today my friend who is playing the piano and I met for brunch and planned the music!  There are also changes going on at work, which I can’t really talk about yet, but there has been lots going on.

One of the consequences of business (for me at least) is an increase in the amount of insomnia I have.  Don’t worry, I don’t mind… I’ve been this way my whole life, and it does give me time to get lots of things done!  One of those things is a completed Josephine front.

I actually had to do one of those straps twice, because I forgot that I had added an extra inch in length to the back.  I’m pretty fast with 4-ply yarn in stockinette (or nearly stockinette, such as the texture pattern above) but not as fast in lace.  Even so, I’ve really enjoyed working with the small gauge, and I love the fabric it has produced!  The piece above is now dry, so tonight I will seam and get to work on the sleeves and edgings.

I’ve also been thumbing through some back issues of Interweave publications that I recently bought (I love ebay!) I’ve found some nice looking projects to consider… in fact, I may make Camisa (the blue short sleeved sweater with the basketweave waist) pretty soon.


From top left: Fiery Bolero, Vintage Pink Cardigan, Camisa, Molly Ringwald, Tulips, Josephine, Juanita, hemp necklace, pullover flair, ruffle scarf, Weekend pullover.

I could make any number of these sweaters from stash yarn – in fact, I’ve already earmarked yarn for camisa, the bolero, tulips, and the vintage pink cardigan. I found a surprising number of lovely things from old issues of Interweave Crochet, which is surprising considering that I passed those same issues over on the newsstand.  I think my tastes have changed (for the better I hope!)