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Drowning in a sea of paper.

One of the best things about planning this wedding is the amount of crafting I get to do.  And not just fiber crafts – I get to step outside my comfort zone and try my hand at new things.  We’re creating and printing all the paper items for our wedding ourself, because I got a look at how much professional invitations cost and nearly passed out.  I am not a scrapbooker or a collage artist, or anything having to do with paper, so this was all new to me.  I bought some blank invitations, designed simple wording, added a little paper and ribbon, and voila… our invitations!

I am very pleased.  My paper happiness keeps me from getting annoyed at family members who say things like “You expect people to go downtown that late?” (um… 6 pm.  Yeah.)   Ah yes… my family the southern Baptists.  I specifically printed on the invitations the word “dancing” so that if they come, at least they know what they’re in for…

I have been knitting too!  Last night I finished the back of Josephine.

So far all the modifications have been pretty easy.  I blocked it lightly just to see how it would lay, but I didn’t try to get it to fit the measurements.  It blocked longer than the pattern and a little more narrow, both of which are just fine with me.  I’ll cast on for the front this afternoon if I have time.  Oh – and yes, there is an extra eyelet on the eyelet row, but I didn’t notice it until the back was nearly done… and it will be hidden by the cord, so I don’t care.

I should mention now that I really love the Karabella Vintage Cotton.  I am having absolutely no trouble with my hands on this yarn, and it has a really wonderful sheen.  It’s reasonably priced too, so I would definitely recommend it.

I’ve finished the raglan increases on my shrug,  and I’m off on the sleeves.  I’m not alternating balls, because I don’t mind the tiny bit of striping, but I am going to use the 2nd skein for the ribbing, just in case there is a slight color difference (I don’t think there is, but you never know!)

There are men working outside, shoring up the foundation of our building.  They’ve been at it since 8 am, right outside my window.  I don’t get up at 8 am (I work nights after all) so I wasn’t too thrilled.  Ah well… I get to leave for work in an hour, so I can finally escape the horrible drilling noise!

14 thoughts on “Drowning in a sea of paper.

  1. We made our own invitations, too. I love the satin curlies on the paper (reminds me of the embroidery on the dress I wore). I’ll abstain from commenting on Southern Baptists as I’m sure I’d offend. My highschool boyfriend was southern baptist, so I’m sure I’m biased!

  2. Josephine is looking fabulous! And I am floored by your invitations; they’re beautiful. I did absolutely nothing for my wedding (I was posted in Moscow, so my husband planned the whole thing; I just showed up). Your family will surprise you by doing just fine. My husband’s family is Jewish. My father’s family is Palestinian (i.e. strict Muslims). My mother’s family is Catholic. They all showed up, and they all behaved, and everyone had a great time. Yours will handle it, too, no matter how much grief they give you in advance.

  3. The invitations look great — I love seeing more and more people doing the little wedding accoutrements themselves. And wow, you finished that back up so fast!

  4. Your invitations are so elegant, love the colors…and I am glad to hear about the Karabella Vintage Cotton as I have some in my stash that I am hoping to break out.

  5. I found your blog by googling the Josephine top from Interweave Knits. I have just started knitting and am new it all this but i am really battling with the lace part of the pattern. Any chance you have any words of wisom about it? I keep ending up with 10 stitches instead of 9 and my first row after casting on i end up having to knit the last three stitches instead of knitting 2 – because i assume i am knitting the lace part wronge. If you have a moment and have some advice i would greatly appreicate it.

  6. Nice knitting!

    Wedding planning is a full time job. Get as much help as you can and try not to get annoyed by friends and relatives. It’s the best advice I can think to give you.

  7. Those invitations are amazing. Good for you! Weddings are expensive as all hell, so might as well try to save where you can. Besides, those invitations are just so much more special. 😉

    I feel your pain on the work-men thing.. It’s even worse when it’s effing 6 am, and you’ve got days off from work/school, and they’re taking down your door, and laugh at you because you’re trying to sleep and your hair looks like a cat threw it up… Yeah. It sucks.

    LOVE the Malabrigo, btw!

  8. Your invitations are lovely, as is Josephine! I’m very drooly over your shrug color, even though I will never be able to wear that color and look good.

  9. Hello, I found your blog through google and have a few questions about your beautiful clapotis out of the knitpicks memories yarn. How many skeins did you use and what size needles? You did a really great job on it, and your whole blog is lovely.

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