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Josephine progress

I’m finally in a groove with Josephine.  The entire first pattern repeat I was cursing the chart, but I managed to get through it, and now I don’t have to refer to the chart all the time, perhaps once per row.  Yeah, I still hate charts.  But Josephine is looking so pretty!

Everything after the first repeat was completed yesterday.  Now that it’s going faster I no longer feel as though this knit will take me until the end of time to finish. I’m still swatching as a distraction, but when I get tired of that I’m going to cast on for the two-toned shrug from fitted knits, using Malabrigo in Purple mystery.

I’ve had this yarn in my stash for quite awhile, and I’m happy to have finally found a project which will use the relatively small amount I have.  mine will be mono-toned instead of two-toned, because I only have one color.  Isn’t it pretty?  This will be my first project using malabrigo.

Oh yes, the swatches.

Valley Yarns Amherst in periwinkle.  A nice inexpensive merino.  I knit this swatch to get 4.5 st/in, but it gts 4.25 st/in after washing.  I’m planning on using this yarn (although not this color) to make my long planned Nantucket Jacket.  This yarn is currently slated for a vintage cabled sweater pattern I have, although that could change!

Knitpicks ambrosia  – I love this yarn!  It’s so lovely and soft, with a slight fuzzy haze.   This swatch got bigger with washing.  I like this yarn for the Short Sleeve Blouson from the Knit.1 Summer 07 issue.  I don’t think I want to use cotton for that sweater, and I’m ok with relegating it to fall use.  This yarn is an alpaca/cashmere blend.  I do not find alpaca to be any warmer that wool, and I’m aware that makes me an exception… but then I am always cold.  I have to get myself to stop making tanks, because even in the summer I can’t stand to wear them (evil air conditioning – I’m so glad we have window units that I can turn off when I am the only one home!)

A note on washing swatches:  I never would have thought (in my non swatch washing past) that so many yarns would regularly change size when washed.  Most seem to relax and get a bit larger, but a few (mostly cottons) do shrink a tad.  I will never start a project without washing a swatch again!  And yes, my swatches are not as big as they could be, but I’m ok with that.

14 thoughts on “Josephine progress

  1. As a non swatch washer……how do you wash a swatch? Do you just hand wash it and lay it out to dry? The same as you would the finished object?

    Love Josephine…that is on my list if I can ever get the secret project baby blanket done! My time is running out!

  2. I can’t wait to see how your Josephine turns-out (it looks great so far!), especially with your modifications to alter the size. I’m planning to make this at some point, and it’ll be good to see a smaller version (32″ bust over here).

  3. Josephine looks just beautiful. Let me know how that Malabrigo washes. I’m planning to start a project with mine very soon, and it’s just easier if you do the swatch-washing for me!

  4. Oh Josephine is looking good!
    I’m the same way about making tiny swatches…they work for me! I think you are in a blue phase. 🙂

  5. I have been watching your blog for a while now and am amazed at how quickly you knit things up! Beautiful work!

    I seem to have a finishing phobia. Did you teach yourself how to seam, or is there a good resource out there you know of? I have put off making any type of garment bc I am afraid I will totally blow the seaming. Any advice?

  6. Josephine is looking good. That Malabrigo, though… I love the depth of their colors, they’re real miracle workers when it comes to yarn.

  7. If you’re planning to knit Nantucket, check the blogisphere first. LOTS of “issues” with guage, arm sizes, etc. to be had. I’ve just finished about 2 1/2 inches of the back, and have put it away ’til I have the time and inclination to do all the math to make the proper mods. However, since you are probably making the smallest size, you may not have any issues!!

    Love your blog by the way. Knitting, knitting, and more knitting. Even with planning a wedding, you still get the knits posted. Best wishes on the upcoming big day!

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