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Swatching again

I’m still working on Josephine, but I ended up ripping the top from Runway knits.  Why, you ask?  My gauge in the lace section was bigger than stockinette, so I needed to go down 2 needle sizes in order to make it work out, but… that made my row gauge all kinds of funky, which would be fine until the armholes… but I looked and looked at the pattern, and I just didn’t have the energy to rework them, plus I didn’t really like how the stockinette sections looked at the tighter gauge.  Ah well.  Maybe it was not meant to be.  I’m not upset… I’ve just been swatching again!  It’s so nice to work with wool after all the cotton I’ve been using lately.  Here are the swatches so far…

Elann highland silk to make this eyelet sweater from the Winter 06 vogue

Laines du Nord Giunco for Veronica from Rowan 36

Rowan felted tweed for Bloom from Rowan 36 and Salina from Vintage Knits (Salina will actually be purple.)

Valley Yarns Colrain for Maude louise.

Thoughts on these yarns: I do love that Elann Highland silk.  It is perhaps less soft than I think it should be, but look at that lovely sheen!  And it comes in so many nice colors.  I am interested in trying the zephyr wool silk yarn and seeing how it compare.  This swatch did not change size when washed.

I bought the Giunco on major clearance at webs (I think it was maybe 3 dollars a ball?)  It’s 100% merino wool, and I am in love with that color… such an intense indigo!  It isn’t as soft as some merinos, but it’s softer than, say, Cascade 220.  It also did not change size when washed.

My thoughts on Felted Tweed are well documented… I love it!  I want to make every sweater from Felted Tweed!  Having said that, this yarn changes size when you wash it.  It relaxed quite a bit, so I will have to swatch again on smaller needles.

The Colrain is the big surprise yarn though… I suspected I would love it, and I was right!  It’s really soft… softer than the merino, softer than the wool/silk.  That comes from the 50% tencel content.  It also has a lovely sheen and drape.  When I washed this yarn the swatch got bigger, going from 4.5 st/in to 4 st/in (the gauge listed on the band.)  I will have to swatch again, as I need 4.5 st/in, but still… lovely, lovely yarn, and a blend that I’ve never tried before.  I recommend this one highly!

On today’s agenda?  That’s right, more swatching!  I think I’ve actually trained myself to look forward to the process now.

7 thoughts on “Swatching again

  1. I am also a huge Felted Tweed enthusiast. And I love ‘Bloom’, can’t wait to see it. Somtimes swatching is therapeutic and just what the doctor ordered!

  2. Please excuse my momentary silence while I absorb the concept of actually washing a swatch before knitting. Yeah, I know you’re supposed to, but…
    Glad to know the Guinco did not change size–which I otherwise would not know, since I did not wash my swatch. I bought it on sale at WEBS, too. I’m using it for that retro twinset from Knitting Lingerie Style. Mine is (of course) variegated–I just can’t get over how much I love watching random colors appear out of nowhere. Unlike you, I almost always choose variegated yarns–at least for stockinette.

  3. The Colrain looks great. I will definitely have to try some of it. I have had “Bloom” sitting in my stash for about two years now (in teal Tweed). Can’t wait to see yours. It might prompt me to dig mine out 😉

  4. You had a veritable swatching party! I wash the swatches for projects only when I’m working with cotton because I’m usually afraid of running out of yarn. Maybe I need to change that.

  5. Delurking to say thanks for all the swatches and yarn reviews – I’ve been very tempted by both Colrain and the Highland Silk. Love looking at your blog – you always pick great projects!

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