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FO: Fitted tank

Pattern: Fitted tank from Blue Sky Alpacas

Yarn: Blue sky cotton in thistle, 3 hanks for size XS

Needles: US 6 and 7

Notes: It’s a little big, and unfortunately it tends to grow, as cotton does.  I recently read “Sweater design in plain english” by maggie Righetti, and she says you should always knit cotton sweaters with at least 2 inches negative ease because of the stretch factor.  In theory this sweater is smaller than my actual bust measurement, but it stretches fast!  See below for the photo I took right after it finished blocking, when it fit ok.  I am also not really that excited about the blue sky cotton, now that it’s been knitted up.  I know I complained before (and you can’t say I wasn’t warned!) but it’s awfully heavy for a summer yarn. I knitted the ribbing on smaller needles, which did help with the shaping.  The pattern calls for increasing after the ribbing for the bust, but I do not think I would do so if I made the pattern again.  It was unnecessary, and it created a bit of bagginess over the waist.  The neck finishing directions are also kind of weird, but I did mine in single crochet, and I also adjusted the neckline shaping to something a bit more subtle.  The armholes are a bit too deep, so I might crochet a few more rounds.  Overall I give both the yarn and the pattern a thorough “meh” reaction.  I do wish that blue sky were a lighter weight (or came in a lighter weight) because I simple adore their colors.

I know I sound all complainy, but truthfully I think this sweater is ok… just not one of my favorites.

I picked up the new issue of “Crochet today” while I was out this afternoon.  I know this magazine is put out by coats and clark, but I’m consistently impressed by the quality of designs.  In fact, I’ve now bought it enough times that I think I should subscribe.  I love the idea of displaying doilies on painted canvases.

I also really love this top and this cute tied wrap (in different colors of course)

I’m iffy on making crocheted tops (I have not had good luck!) but the wrap and doilies are going on the (really long) list!  I think I should subscribe to this magazine.  It occurs to me that there are several magazines I always end up buying, so probably I should just subscribe to them.  Somehow it seems like I’m spending less money if I get them one at a time…

15 thoughts on “FO: Fitted tank

  1. I see what you mean about the growth and bagginess in the waist. I hear a lot of people cry over cotton, and I never knew why – I’ve never knit with it b/c I don’t like to wear knits in the summer. But, now that I think of it… I have a store bought cotton cardigan that looks terrible after about an hour of wear. Then I look rumpled – like I just crawled out of bed. It looks great on you, but yeah I get what you’re saying.

  2. I’ve never used that yarn for an adult sweater because it’s always seemed heavy to me, too.
    I totally am with you on the magazine thing. I buy them one by one and it “feels” so much cheaper. Oh, the mind games we play with ourselves!

  3. Another great sweater. Love the color.
    Uh-hum. Is it just me or does the crocheted top have a circular, doily center thing right on the tip of her breast? I know you have problems with getting a small enough breast size but I have the opposite problem and that to me would be a focal point I wouldn’t want! Eesh.

  4. Well, like the other posters mentioned, the color looks great on you!

    When I made mine, I also did a row of crocheted edging just to tidy it up a bit. And I agree, that cotton is quite heavy. I knit it last summer at the pool at it was somewhat hot to work with…

  5. I love Crochet Today. I think that they really have some cute patterns in there consistently. It’s creative knitting and Crochet! that make me cringe! 🙂

  6. I love the way your tank turned out! I didn’t think it was that interesting when I saw it in orange, but I guess I sometimes just lack the imagination to see the potential of things if knit in colors I like.

    On the (off?) chance you’ll think I’m creepy or stalking you or something, I have bought the issue of Crochet Today the other day. That wrap is lovely, the top is beyond my ability but lovely, and I’ve been looking for the yarn for that skull shirt. Unfortunately, neither our Jo-Ann’s nor our Michaels carries it. Oh, well, I’ll find something else to substitute for it.

  7. I know I’m not the first to say it, but I love the color! I do sometimes wonder if I am more demanding of my handknit / home sewn garments in terms of fit and finish. I think it is the fact that it takes so much time, and also that I feel personally responsible for so many aspects of the finished product… but when I think about it I own plenty of store bought items where the fit is meh… or the finishing is even *gasp* something your home ec teacher would make you redo. And for some reason that doesn’t bother me nearly as much. Anyway – hope I didn’t ramble on too long here! Thanks for the tips on working with cotton too. I really enjoy your blog 🙂

  8. I’m so glad your wrote up experience with this project. I just bought the stuff to make myself one, so now I think I’ll do some extra figuring before I cast on. Thanks. 😀

  9. Thanks for sharing your experience with this top. I’m knitting it currently and have questioned some of the things you mention…..helpful to have your experiences! It looks great on you!

  10. I made the fitted tank in BSA dyed cotton. It looked great…until I washed and blocked it. It grew at least 2 sizes, and I am really disappointed! The ribbing looks like an a-line skirt! I single crocheted around the neckline, which worked out fine. I suppose I will give the top to a friend. (I just hate to frog.) Too bad this pattern has so many problems. Looks good on the model, and should be simple enough to fix…oh, well,on the the next project!

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