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Almost fo

The Fitted tank is complete, and awaits blocking and weaving the ends in, which I will accomplish before going to work.  I advise anyone making this top to make it longer – I added 1.5 inches to mine, and it still seems short!  I will try to get it a little longer in blocking.  I crocheted around the armholes and neck rather than following the directions.  I am fairly happy with the result, although it is not perfect… but then, I really only made this top because I knew it would be fast and I wanted to try out the blue sky cotton I had sitting around.

I doubt I will use Blue Sky cotton again, mostly because of the weight.  This is the yarn people think of when they call cotton “heavy.”  I will have modeled photos soon!

The Summer Knitty is up, but I don’t think that I will make any of the patterns.  I’ve only ever completed two patterns from knitty, clapotis and branching out (hasn’t everyone made these two?) but I never seem to like the sweater patterns.  Actually, I think several from this issue are rather cute (the top with ties and the one with the drapey neckline) but they would not suit my personal style.  Ah well… it’s not as though I don’t have plenty to knit!

There is a really cute completed Josephine top up on the interweave KAL here.    Seeing it reminded me of how much I liked this top, and how sad I was that the smallest size was 36.5″ inches in the bust.  So I got my magazine out and looked at the pattern… and I think it would easily adapt to be 32.5″ in the bust, following the same way that the other sizes were made.  I have some white Karabella vintage cotton sitting around… I bought it to make a crocheted shell, but upon reflection I don’t think I would wear that, and it is plenty for the Josephine top (and it’s the yarn called for in the pattern!)  I think I may give it a try, and sit down and write out a revised pattern during my break at work tonight.

If I decide not to do that, then I will make one of the summer patterns from Runway style next.  I have enough Karabella Zodiac to make the lace leaf top.

Either way… I’m making something with a smaller gauge!  I have come to realize that I really do not enjoy knitting at less than 5 st/in (although it’s better if the yarn is wool.)  Right now my left thumb is a little sore, and I really have no idea why.  All it does is hold a needle – it doesn’t even have to move to make stitches, and nothing else is sore.  I’m blaming it on the blue sky cotton, which was just awfully thick for a cotton yarn.  It may be fluffy and soft, but give me a nice sportweight mercerized cotton anyday.

6 thoughts on “Almost fo

  1. The Fitted Tank is next on my To Do list. Did you extend the ribbing or the stockinette? I hate sweaters that are too short. I’m using the Blue Sky too. 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to see your fitted tank! Although it’s heavy, the colour is sure lovely.

    I love the leafy top in the Runway knits. That’s on my to knit list as well.

    Happy knitting.

  3. I am so interested in whether you make the Josephine top and adjust the pattern size. I too really like the pattern, but would also need a smaller bust size but have no idea how to do it. Is there a how to book out there somewhere?

  4. Thanks for the warning on the yarn. I figure it’s OK for tanks and such, but anything bigger… thanks for keeping me from making a big mistake!

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