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Fo Classic: Sweet Pea Shawl

Ravelry has inspired me to take new photos of the projects that either have no photos or really bad ones. So I got out this shawl, which I have never worn or blocked because I was afraid it was too pink… only to discover that I love it after all, and while maybe pink isn’t my best color, it’s still wearable. It’s also blocked now, and looks much nicer.

Pattern: Sweet Pea Shawl from “The Happy Hooker”

Yarn: Classic Elite Flash, 100% cotton in Pink Tweed (this is the color from the book.)

Notes: Crocheted shawls are really fun because they take so little time to complete. I think I crocheted this in around a week last summer. I’m pretty sure there was errata, so be sure to check for that. This book is notorious for errors! Wearing this makes me want to crochet some more shawls, because I am a “shawl person,” or so Marc insisted when he took the photos. And yes, the shawl is very pink, but I think I like that. It’s perfect for summer as a light cover up, and I was also surprised to find how much I like it as a wrap over jeans. It’s made of worsted weight yarn, which means it’s not so delicate that I’m afraid of catching it on things.It’s so nice to rediscover old projects!