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More new pattern excitement!

Thanks for all the comments on the bedjacket – I really appreciate them, and will do my best to reply to everyone! I have finished the front of the fitted tank and begun the back, but today I’ve just been running around doing wedding errands. We bought a suit for Marc and went to Hobby Lobby, where I purchased a whole bunch of papers (at 50% off) for various wedding purposes. Just for the record, I do find all this to be stressful. We only have 2 months before the wedding now, and I’m trying to get everything done. We have our Catholic pre-cana course next weekend as well as a meeting with the priest, and I’m a little nervous about that, plus I’m trying to keep myself in check and not allow myself to think things like “Oh my God, we had a fight, this means that we will fight about this for the rest of our lives.” It’s odd how everything achieves a greater level of significance, even things that probably shouldn’t. I think we’re both feeling the stress, but we will survive! Tomorrow I’m only playing one mass, and then we’re going to the Irish Festival with friends, so perhaps that will be a nice break.

Oh! And I curled my hair as many of you suggested, and tried out the fascinator I bought for my wedding. My hair holds curl pretty well. The verdict? I like it very much with curly hair, so that is how my hair will be for the wedding. Sorry for the self-picture, I couldn’t have Marc take this one, so it’s kind of a weird angle, but the comb looks very nice and not as tall as it appears here.

Previews for the fall knitting books and magazines are already beginning to appear! I have to confess that I have a few books on preorder from Amazon, and I saw today that one of them, “Lacy Little Knits” by Iris Schreier of Artyarns is shipping already, several weeks early, so I should receive my copy early next week. There are some preview pictures on the amazon page, and I do like the looks of these sweaters:

There are more photos on the Amazon page, and I think they are all cute (sorry my pictures are so compressed and crummy!) I also have Veronik Avery’s book on preorder (it isn’t due out until September) as well as Romantic Handknits by Annie Modesitt (for a little preview go to her flickr account here) and “CrochetMe” which looks to have some really fashionable and interesting crocheted items. You can see a preview of Crochet me here. In fact, you can now preview all of Interweave’s upcoming fall books. I’m not going to get the best of Interweave Knits I don’t think – I’d rather collect the magazines. I also think that “Felt Forward” has some interesting looking designs, but I’m not really all that interested in felting.

The Fall issue of Knitscene will be out at the end of this month, and a few of the projects look interesting.

I will have to see the projects bigger of course, but these are nice looking. Doesn’t it seem early for fall projects? But Berroco has just released their fall patterns, most of which I am not too impressed by. I do like this sweater, from the Norah Gaughan (did I spell that right?) collection.

I think it looks a lot like the sweater she did for lace style, only this one comes in more sizes. There’s also a pretty skirt/dress thing… but I am not sure that the geometric based/ drapey designs really look good on me. That’s why I don’t own “Knitting Nature,” even at the great price Amazon was selling it for.