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I’ve managed to make it nearly to the armholes on the front of my fitted tank. I’ve heard from several other knitbloggers that the neckline on this pattern is a little rough, so I’m going to try and rework it. I’m adding length to my tank, because I always need extra length in my sweaters. It calls for 11.5″ for the smallest size before the armholes, but I’m going to knit to 13″. I have no real use in my life for shirts that are short.

I also restarted my Montego Bay scarf on size 6 needles. I just really wasn’t happy with the results on size 7s. Apparently I need to start automatically going down two needle sizes (the blue sky tank is also knitted with needles 2 sizes smaller than called for.) I’m much happier now! I do find that the sea silk wants to snag a bit on my needles, but it’s within tolerable limits. I read somewhere that this yarn contains a good amount of tencel, and I can definitely tell (this isn’t bad – I love tencel!)

I recently picked up two yarns from Valley Yarns (WEBs’ house line) to try out.

On the left is Amherst, which is 100% Merino, in the color periwinkle. I bought this to make a short sleeved cabled sweater from a vintage book I have. It’s not the softest merino ever (but it’s not scratchy or anything), but it is very nice and springy feeling. I can’t wait to swatch some cables and see how it looks!

On the right is Colrain (50/50 merino and tencel) in the color steely. I haven’t even swatched with this yarn, and I can already tell you that I love it. The tencel content gives it such a lovely sheen, and the color is just beautiful. I’m going to use this to make Maude Louise, a sweater by Craftster user JeJune (KAL thread here.) It will make a nice neutral addition to my wardrobe. I’m very excited to use this yarn!

I will say though: Valley Yarns needs better color swatches for their yarns badly. I had a really hard time figuring out what color these actually were. The Colrain swatch looked much more blue than it is, and the Amherst swatches are just tiny. I am happy with the colors I got!

I’ve been pretty busy lately with wedding plans. We have most of the main details ironed out, so my current obsession is how to wear my hair for the event. My hair isn’t long, plus I have a giant forehead, so I can’t really put it up. I bought a fascinator from an Etsy seller, but now that I’ve received it I’m not sure… it’s beautiful, but would it look silly on me?

I’m not wearing a veil, so I’m really kind of at a loss here. I do really love the fascinator, but how does one wear such a thing? I suppose I will take it into my hairdresser for an opinion. I love my hairdresser, she is totally anti big wedding hair, so hopefully we can think of something!

9 thoughts on “updates

  1. firstly, congratulations! secondly, what about real flowers? i had a “headband” of flowers in my hair for one of my proms. just a suggestion.

  2. What do you mean by the neckline being a little rough? I’m doing the armhole decreases now on the front so will be getting there soon.

  3. I can picture your hair down in loose curls, kind of like a modern take on the finger wave of the 30s. I don’t know how well your hair takes a curl though.

  4. I’ve been wanting to try that Colrain. I love the drape and sheen of tencel. I agree about the WEBS swatches. That’s how I ended up with a boxful of Kimono Angora in colors I cannot imagine wearing. And I agree about the real flowers. Maybe not a headband, but some sort of arrangement. I have long, straight hair, which I don’t style. For my wedding, my cousin put it in an elaborate braid, and her mother tucked baby’s breath all the way down the back. It was understated, but quite pretty (not in a hippie way, either).

  5. The way I’ve seen something like that worn is putting the hair into a french twist and then sticking it through. I agree that maybe a headband would be a good idea too.

  6. Yep, I find that I too have to go down at least 2 sizes in needles from the recommended needle size. Sometimes, I go down 3 sizes. I have no idea who knits the gauges at the yarn companies nor do I have any idea how pattern designers knit so tightly. After thinking I must knit extremely loose compared to everybody else, I’ve learned that we’re the norm and they’re the ones knitting way too tight. Weird.
    And congrats on your upcoming marriage.

  7. Congratulations!

    Your knitting is looking good.

    About the fascinator: can you describe any fastening attachment it comes with? Whatever it is, does your hair hold curls really well, and do you look good with them? Curls will support just about anything.

  8. I agree with the others – curls, curls, curls! It would look fab with the dress you are wearing!

    Remember, you have these pictures until death you part, so pick something you think you can live with!

  9. fascinator? i never knew they were called that! i want one now just for the name alone.
    I knit the blue sky fitted tank and frogged (yarn issues). i thought the neckline bind off could have been more gradual. When i picked up stitches to finish the neckline i had bunch-ey problems on the underside.

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