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I worked the seaming on the bumpy side of the bedjacket – somehow the two seams (where I joined the edgings) had not ended up opposite one another.  But then it was still bumpy, so I frowned a bit and then I realized… (I am so embarrassed) – I hadn’t blocked that front piece.  I’m usually very careful to block my pieces prior to seaming, but I ran out of time on that one.  So I crocheted the picot edging (so cute – it really makes the design!) and wetblocked the whole thing.  I’m a big fan of wetblocking.  I know some people like to steam or use wet towels or something, but I don’t think anything beats the magic of getting something wet and being able to reshape it a bit (within limits of course.)  Also, my ironing board is impossible to get to (did I mention our storage crisis?) so I am frequently wrinkled anyway.

The right side looks better now, although I won’t be able to tell for certain until it’s completely dry (should be today.)  As for the fit… well, that remains to be seen.  If the right side looks ok I can just wear it open, or I might try fastening it in the front with a brooch.

After all that, I still mustered up the energy to begin a new project.

I’m making the Fitted Tank from Blue Sky Alpacas out of Blue Sky cotton in thistle (pretty true to color in the picture.)  This is my first time working with blue sky cotton, although I’ve had it in stash for awhile, and I really am amazed by how nice and soft it is.    I think that Blue Sky has some of the nicest colors around – from subtle pastels to gorgeous saturated brights and darks.  I recently bought some Alpaca silk in Garnet, and I’m impressed by that yarn as well.  They have really great yarns, and the yardage is always nice, so I can’t complain too much about the price.

I had to drop down to size 7s (from the 9s called for) to get gauge.  My quest to make myself a loose knitter in order to save my hands must have worked.  I’m kitting the ribbing on size 6s in order to get it nice and tight, and I’m also knitting the ribbing with the combined knitting method.  I’m very pleased with how my ribbing looks!  Blue sky cotton is a pretty thick yarn, so I’d rather make it as fitted as possible (without making it tight) in order to overcome the bulkiness.

7 thoughts on “Better…

  1. That’s a lovely yarn. I did a baby sweater out of it, which turned out to be one of the softest, loveliest things I’ve ever done. I still don’t like knitting with cotton, though.

  2. Love the color of the Blue Sky cotton you chose. When I’ve seen that pattern before, I always wondered why it was called “Fitted Tank” when it looks so baggy in the photo.

  3. OK, this is going to sound creepy… I was just about to order a whole bunch of Blue Sky cotton for a different project, but I was concerned it was going to hurt my hands because cotton usually does. Now I know it’s soft and squishy.

  4. Your ribbing is looking so much better. Good work on trying to get it so consistent.

    Can’t wait to see the bedjacket once your done.

  5. Great color! Can’t wait to see it finished. I also prefer a wet block. I just fill up the washing machine, dunk it in and stand guard over it to make sure no decides to do me a favor and turn it on! I really think things block better that way.

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