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Thanks! and a review

Thanks for the comments on my earlier freak out!  I’m going to keep working on the jacket.  I think I was just frustrated because I know I’m going to have to take out at least half of the seaming and try again.  I may try making it close in the center as well (thanks for that suggestion!)  I’m not easy to frustrate, but that amount of seaming came close to undoing me!

I also tend to be somewhat overly critical of my handknits… don’t get me wrong, I wear them all the time, but I do always feel a little self-conscious.  So if something ends up looking unlike the picture in my head I may start over.

After dinner tonight I went to the bookstore and bought the summer issue of Knit.1.  I’ve never liked Knit.1, mostly because the designs always seem a bit much.  But they aren’t totally using Lion Brand yarns anymore (although there is still plenty) so I found some designs I like.


I especially like the 4th design, which is an empire waisted blouson sweater.  It’s made in microspun (ick!) but I think it would be lovely in another soft, maybe a little fuzzy yarn.  I have a whole ton of sportweight yarn waiting for a purpose!  It’s also knit from the top down I think, and I’m about ready for one of those after today!  I think the sweater with the diamonds is gorgeous (those are the different shades of organic cotton) although the sizing goes from a 27″XS to a 37″ small (which I assume is what the model is wearing…)  The keyhole tank is cute, although I won’t make it, and I do still love any cardigan that ties.  I don’t have an explanation for liking the dress, but I do (I would wear it over jeans though… I think it’s more of a tunic really.)

I cannot explain this though… this should not exist.

Ok… now I’m off to attempt surgery on my bedjacket.  Thanks again for the comments – it really does help to have another set of eyes!

10 thoughts on “Thanks! and a review

  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing. I hope whatever that is doesn’t give me nightmares!

    Glad to hear you’re feeling a little better about the bed jacket. It looks fine to me too.

  2. It looks like an adult “onsey”….. (*shudder*). I want to know how they got the model to wear it with such authority…..

  3. Thanks for commenting on my Swan Lake. That last picture you posted from Knit 1 made me laugh out loud. What were they thinking?! I agree that the top down empire top is great, can’t wait to see your work on it. I know you’ve been told by many, but you are an amazingly fast knitter – I love checking out all the FOs you post.

  4. I have similar feelings about Knit1, and only bought the latest issue for that dress, which I also can’t explain. I don’t even wear dresses. As for that onesie, I laughed so hard at the bookstore I thought they were going to ask me to leave.

  5. 3 things: I also have a ball winder and I think it’s amazing. I love the 4th empire-waisted thing – and I agree fuzzy would be amazing. I might grab a copy and see if I can find some fuzzy yarn in a pumpkiny orange… And lastly, that knitted short-suit thing is nasty. Why did anyone ever think that was a good idea???

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