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Thanks! and a review

Thanks for the comments on my earlier freak out!  I’m going to keep working on the jacket.  I think I was just frustrated because I know I’m going to have to take out at least half of the seaming and try again.  I may try making it close in the center as well (thanks for that suggestion!)  I’m not easy to frustrate, but that amount of seaming came close to undoing me!

I also tend to be somewhat overly critical of my handknits… don’t get me wrong, I wear them all the time, but I do always feel a little self-conscious.  So if something ends up looking unlike the picture in my head I may start over.

After dinner tonight I went to the bookstore and bought the summer issue of Knit.1.  I’ve never liked Knit.1, mostly because the designs always seem a bit much.  But they aren’t totally using Lion Brand yarns anymore (although there is still plenty) so I found some designs I like.


I especially like the 4th design, which is an empire waisted blouson sweater.  It’s made in microspun (ick!) but I think it would be lovely in another soft, maybe a little fuzzy yarn.  I have a whole ton of sportweight yarn waiting for a purpose!  It’s also knit from the top down I think, and I’m about ready for one of those after today!  I think the sweater with the diamonds is gorgeous (those are the different shades of organic cotton) although the sizing goes from a 27″XS to a 37″ small (which I assume is what the model is wearing…)  The keyhole tank is cute, although I won’t make it, and I do still love any cardigan that ties.  I don’t have an explanation for liking the dress, but I do (I would wear it over jeans though… I think it’s more of a tunic really.)

I cannot explain this though… this should not exist.

Ok… now I’m off to attempt surgery on my bedjacket.  Thanks again for the comments – it really does help to have another set of eyes!

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I am in a serious fight with the bedjacket.  We may, in fact, be about to break up.  Yes, I know, it’s sad… but I simply must learn to face the fact that I don’t look good in sweaters with wrap around closures.  I didn’t think of the bedjacket like a wrap, but of course it closes on the side.  I don’t know… maybe my waist is in the wrong place?

This is pinned closed, and yes my seaming on the left is totally crappy and would need to be redone.  The sleeves are really tight too, less because of the sleeves than because of the edgings.  While the sleeve has stretch, the seaming has very little.  They fit, but I don’t like how they tug.   My basic problem, though, is that my waist is not where it needs to be for this sweater to look nice.  I did block it to the correct length, but it just isn’t working.  It makes me look dumpy I think, and bigger than I am (well, possibly the fact that I’m wearing jeans a size too big isn’t helping there either…)

I think the large amount of seaming required causes this sweater to have little stretch overall, something that was difficult to account for when planning for the garment.  I could take it apart and try some repairs, but I don’t know… I have 2 sweaters with this basic shape, and I don’t like how they look on me either.  You would think I would take that into account, but I am easily seduced by pretty modeled photos.

I’m actually pretty upset by this, because it’s the second recent sweater to go awry (the first was Britannia, which I didn’t even take a picture of completed because I hated the fit… I awaits ripping and reuse of the (lovely) yarn.)  I was going to cook something for dinner, but I think we’ll go out instead… maybe that will make me feel better.

I’m not blaming the design, which I still think is lovely… it just isn’t going to work on me.  I will start something new, and maybe that will help… and maybe in a few weeks I’ll feel like revisiting this sweater.  For now, into the corner basket it goes!

On a happier note, I did make a swatch with the Rowanspun 4-ply, and it’s really just lovely.  I bought another bag in Jade, and I will save that yarn for a sweater, perhaps Joy from Vintage Knits.  It’s softer than most tweeds, and it really makes a lovely fabric when blocked.