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Back to work!

It’s back to work today for our summer session, so I’ve started a new carrying project to keep me busy during my downtimes.  I’ve also been playing with my new toy…

I bought a ballwinder from Joanns to use with finer yarns.  The yarn above is the sea silk I’m using for the Montego Bay scarf, from the current Interweave Knits.  Before I wound the scarf I cut 200 pieces of fringe, which I have carefully placed in a ziploc bag, where hopefully they will not tangle before I need them.

The lace pattern is really very easy, and I would recommend this scarf!  My only problem so far is the gauge… it’s supposed to finish out at 7″ wide, and I’m having trouble with that.  I started out on the recommended size 8 needles, but that turned out huge, so I frogged and restarted on size 7s (above.)  It’s still an inch too wide, so I may try yet another needle size.  I am a somewhat loose knitter, so I’m sure I will get there!  The sea silk is lovely so far!

I worked a bunch more repeats on the bedjacket border last night, and it’s possible I may be able to complete the knitting tonight.  I need to get to blocking my pieces so I can be ready to seam!

9 thoughts on “Back to work!

  1. That scarf is going to be gorgeous! I have a different color sea silk marinating in my stash for just that project. Seeing yours makes me want to start right now! It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you knit up such gorgeous things – I am definitely continuously inspired by your blog.

  2. It’s going to be beautiful! I don’t even swatch for shawls or scarves (unless there’s a recognizable motif on them that would otherwise look distorted).
    Good luck with summer session. It’s always fun to remember a class by the thing you were knitting at the time!

  3. My ballwinder and swift (gifts from my husband last Christmas) are my favorite toys–when my seven-year-old doesn’t get to them first. The seaming on that bedjacket has me a little wary about starting it. I wonder if it would be possible to pick up and knit the borders, instead of knitting and sewing them. The SeaSilk is gorgeous! If I ever make it through my first lace shawl, I might finally buy some.

  4. Aw, so no more lego winder? I recently got the same ball winder and a swift, too. I absolutely love it because it’s soooo much faster than doing it by hand.

    Can’t wait to see the finished bed jacket.

  5. My MIL just gave me her old ball winder. What a joy it is! I just don’t know how I ever survived without it for so long. Matched with my swift, I roll up balls of yarn in under 5 minutes. It is taking all my will power to not wind up every skein of yarn I own. Enjoy your ball winder!

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